Raising awareness has to be inclusive

Yesterday I saw one of those “copy and paste this” Facebook statuses that said:

“Mental abuse is worse than physical abuse. Memories last forever but cuts and bruises heal.”

Apparently, this is something that people are sharing to raise awareness about domestic violence.

Now correct me if I’m wrong but domestic violence can include both physical and mental abuse no? You can also have memories and long lasting scars from physical abuse.  I’m all for raising awareness but you can’t talk about domestic violence and only address a part of it while sweeping the rest of it under the rug.

Also, who the hell thinks that they’re so high and mighty that they get to decide which type of traumatic abuse is “worse” No you don’t get to say ‘these people who have suffered from this traumatic event have it worse the people that suffered from that other traumatic event.’ And what about the people who have unfortunately had to experience both?

Stop trying to tell other people what they can and cannot heal from. If you’re going to “raise awareness” the least you could do is do it right instead of trying to make one more important than the other.

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14 Responses to Raising awareness has to be inclusive

  1. ashley says:

    I see so many of these posts on Facebook and they bother me, they don’t really do a damn thing in my honest opinion. I think there are better ways to raise awareness for things.

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  2. Seriously? You know I read things like this and it makes me want to give up on the human race.😡 My mother both physically and psychologically abused my sister and I, and both were equally traumatic! Grr!😤

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  3. I hate those cut-and-paste response posts, or “like” this posts. It’s about as bad as those “I’m fed up with fake people, repost this if you’re really my friend” (or something along those lines that reeks of narcissism or self-pity). Seriously, if I have to re-post something (and clog up everybody else’s wall with something they’ve probably seen 15 or 20 times already) to keep your friendship, then you have a damned shallow view of what a friend is.

    The crappy thing is a cut-and-paste post like that reeks of importance but is shallow as hell. goes for profound but is incredibly weak. Hate to break it to you, original author whoever you are, but if that was supposed to be your “mic drop” moment, it was weak.

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  4. I’m sorry, but how can you be physically abused and not be mentally affected. I hate such posts that are highly insensitive, making a competition of two evils.

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    • Exactly! I commented on it and said “domestic violence includes both physical and mental abuse. Both need to be addressed.”
      Her response was, “I figured that was obvious.”
      I said, “Not when you’re choosing which is ‘worse'”
      I don’t expect a further response honestly

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  6. speak766 says:

    You’re completely right. No one has the right or authority to decide which kind of trauma is the “worst.” Abuse is abuse.

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  7. Well said! I have experienced both and I have horrific memories from the psychical abuse, while I have this strong self-hatred from the mental abuse and combined they have caused me severe depression. People only tend to focus on what has happened to them specifically. Anything abuse wise leaves a scar and in an ideal world, just shouldn’t happen.

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    • I’m sorry you had to go through that. When I called out the person who posted this and said it was unfair to say one was worse than the other she said it was “implied” that she cared about both. No, not when you say one is worse or has a greater affect…..

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