Syria’s Mental Health: Children of War

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2017 marks the sixth year since the Syrian civil war and with nearly half a million civilians  killed since the war began, it is not surprising that UN human rights chief Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein describes the Syrian conflict as ‘the worst man – made disaster since World War II.’

The atrocious crimes that have been committed against Syria have not helped the situation with attacks on hospitals being normalised as a weapon of war, despite breaching human right laws.

However,2016 is said to be the most devastating year for the children of Syria with 652 child deaths in 2016 alone according to UNICEF’s new March 2017 report.  It is estimated that around 3 million Syrian children since the conflict began know nothing but war.

And as child death toll rises, we also see the long-term effects of war on Syrian children. On-going trauma throughout a child’s life can often lead…

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