Rae’s Rules to Remember #72: Valentine’s Day

I had no intention of writing about today but I’ve been seeing a lot of people either complaining about today or being really negative for pretty mush no reason at all.

I will never understand how or why so many people claim to hate Valentine’s Day just because their single. Look, if it’s not your thing and you don’t want to celebrate it or choose to throw an anti-Valentine’s Day party (which in my opinion is pointless) then go right ahead. BUT do not rain on other people’s parade or try to ruin someone else’s happiness just because you currently don’t have a significant other.

Yes, this is a holiday that many people use to celebrate love. That does not mean that it has to be romantic love. We’ve all heard of “Galentines” Day when single women make it a girls night out and that’s great. One year a friend and I decided to be each other’s Valentine’s and we bought each other cards and candy. We used it as an excuse to celebrate out friendship cause why not? We had fun and it was cute.

Also, just because you celebrate Valentine’s Day does not mean that you don’t or shouldn’t show your S.O. that you care for them any other day of the year. Or that this particular day is more important than any other day. It also doesn’t mean that you don’t love them if you don’t do something special today. It’s just an additional day to celebrate the same as a birthday or an anniversary. There’s nothing wrong with that but it also isn’t required to be a huge deal.

If you and your partner choose together not to celebrate Valentine’s Day, great. As long as it is a decision that you have made together. If you’re in a relationship with someone and Valentine’s Day is a big deal to you but your partner ignores it, then you need to talk about it and find some sort of compromise. There’s no reason that you should feel unloved on a day meant to celebrate love. And spending money is not what this day is about! Just spend some time together doing something that you both enjoy. This isn’t meant to be stressful.

And who says you need to be in a relationship to celebrate? If you want to treat yourself to a few things today, DO IT! When was the last time you had a mani-pedi, schedule an appointment? You’ve been saying you wanted to change your hair, head to the salon. Those chocolates do look really good, get yourself some. Go home, order your favorite meal, watch your favorite movie and have some me time!

Whatever you choose to do today have a great day and don’t worry about what everyone else is doing.

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12 Responses to Rae’s Rules to Remember #72: Valentine’s Day

  1. One of my coworkers had actual tears yesterday, because we kept getting flowers for other staff members. We all thought at first that customer upset her, but nope,lol

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  2. ashley says:

    I feel like Valentine’s day is an over commercialized gimmick.

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  3. Quinn says:

    Yeah, exactly. Valentine’s Day is a reminder to show the ones you care about that you appreciate their existence. That could be your significant other… OR it could be your parents, your cat, your best friend, the guy who sells you your milk, the bus driver, etc. etc.

    People need to calm down with the hate!

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  4. Ariel Lynn says:

    Or, wait until the 15th & celebrate with 50% off on chocolate! XD

    Great post!

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  5. Sabrina says:

    I just stumbled over your blog and love it! And it is funny, because your post expresses exactly what I’m feeling about Valentine’s day – I actually wrote a post about it, too. Everyone is allowed to spend this day as he or she likes. No reason to be angry, frustrated or depressed.

    My feminist blog is still quite new, but maybe you want to take a look? 🙂

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