Author Review | Cassandra Clare (Part 1)


Typically this is a “one and done” sort of thing but I feel that to be fair, I need at least two parts. The reason for that is I have read only two series that Clare has written so far and she has more in the works which I plan to read when they are complete.

The first of her work that I read was The Infernal Devices. I was glad that I read this one first because it takes place first chronologically. I really enjoyed this series even though I felt that it started off a little slow. I was completely satisfied with how it ended and I felt that it left off in a good place.

I’ve recently finished The Mortal Instruments which I also enjoyed, but not as much as Infernal Devices. I really appreciated the connections to the previous series and how everything comes together in the end. I thought that there may have been too many books in this series, but it was still pretty enjoyable.

The thing that I love best about Clare’s writing is that she has created such a wonderful new world to get wrapped up in. I love the concept of Shadowhunters and seeing the progression in their relationship with Downworld. It’s amazing. This is a world that is so complex and with so many characters that I am just as excited about it as I am about the world of Harry Potter. I am not comparing it to Harry Potter. No series will ever be as good as HP (for me), but the world that she has written is good enough to be in second place.

However, there are a few issues that I had with both of the story lines that I’ve read so far. The first is love triangles. If you know me then you know how pointless I think they are.

Also, there was a lot of sexism and girl hate which are horrible “trends” in YA that need to stop. Because of the time period for The Infernal Devices I sort of let it go. Unfortunately it continued into The Mortal Instruments. There were even times where it seemed that she was trying so hard not to be sexist, that she ended up doing it anyway. Or a character would say, “Don’t be sexist” but that same character made a sexist comment just 50 pages ago.

I’m hoping that it won’t be as present in the upcoming series, although I know that The Dark Hours will take place before The Mortal Instruments. It’s just such a horrible trend and I’m sure that the number of young girls reading these novels is through the roof so it’s kind of sad to know that some of them will mirror what they read and think it’s okay.

I’ve also noticed that there are no woman parabatai pairs. It makes me wonder why and if that was intentional.

She’s really likes when someone’s sentence gets cut off and I agree that it adds drama (sometimes) but it’s done so often that I always catch it and then I’m thinking “Oh there it is again.”

As I’ve said before, I really do enjoy her writing so I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the Shadowhunter story lines and how she grows as an author. Cassandra Clare (for now) gets 3.5 stars.

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