FB30: Week 1

Hey all,

So I have completed the first week of FB30 as well as my first week of trying paleo.

Workout Structure:

  • Monday – total body strength training
    • Got to try out my new adjustable weights
    • Great way to figure out which weights were needed for which exercises for the rest of the program
  • Tuesday – Bodyweight cardio & abs
  • Wednesday – HIIT & lower body strength training
    • Brutal in the best possible way
  • Thursday – upper body strength training
    • Oh my goodness my arms are so weak now that I don’t play sports anymore. May have to consider doing the upper body program after the other two lol
  • Friday – HIIT & lower body strength training
    • More brutal than Wednesday
  • Saturday – yoga

New things tried this week:

  • Vegan provolone cheese (Daiya)
    • Doesn’t really taste like provolone but it was still good and melts very well
  • Almond milk coffee creamer – Vanilla (Silk)
    • So good
    • Thought I didn’t like almond milk products but I like Silk. Almond Breeze is the one I hate
  • Gluten/Wheat free waffles
    • Had to get used to it at first but I like it
  • Butternut Squash
    • Haven’t had many squashes before but I like this one. Reminds be a little bit of a sweet potato
  • Coconut milk chocolate ice cream (Trader Joe’s)
    • Tastes a lot like dairy ice cream to be honest.
  • Almond butter
    • Okay. Next time I think I;ll get the honey or maple flavor
  • Gluten free cookies
    • Surprisingly good. Convenient because I have a bad sweet tooth
  • Dairy free yogurt (Daiya)
    • I got the strawberry one which wasn’t bad. Something I will probably buy again, I would like to try peach!

I am definitely loving the workout program now that I have my weights. Paleo is not as bad as I thought it would be although I do miss eating a lot of things!


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5 Responses to FB30: Week 1

  1. Leading Lady says:

    I love Unsweetened Almond Milk from Califia Farms. It’s gluten and sugar free as well since I have allergies. I mix it with Vega One Chocolate Protein Shake…mix in some blueberries or bananas…plus ice…and then blend it all together. It’s fabulous. There are a lot of really good books and recipes out there! It’s all about getting comfortable with the ins and outs of paleo.

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  2. PatchworkKat says:

    Paleo is my favorite diet by far. I feel so much better when I stick to it! It takes a few weeks to really adjust to it, but after that I really haven’t missed dairy or processed foods at all. I will say paleo is very time consuming though. Really hard to stick to with a busy schedule. Yay for surviving your first week, and here’s to continuing until you meet your goal!

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