The Spoon Theory

You may see a lot of references to “Spoonies” on my page.  A spoonie is someone who an illness, which is a term from a post by Christine Miserandino. You can find out all about the Spoo…

Source: The Spoon Theory


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Hi! I'm Rae. 24. Avid Reader. Book Blogger. Intersectional Feminist. Gryffinclaw. Coffee & Tea Lover.
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2 Responses to The Spoon Theory

  1. Ariel Lynn says:

    I forward this to a lot of people – both friends & family (well, family that cares, which is a short list) who want to know what’s up with me & those suffering from a chronic illness. I find it makes the most sense out of anything I’ve found & it helps “healthy/healthier” loved ones understand.

    Great share!

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