To Kill A Mockingbird Controversy

Alright friends.

Apparently To Kill A Mockingbird was taken out of some schools in Virginia because it contains racial slurs (I think Huck Finn was as well, but I never read that book and can’t give my opinion).

As a person of color, I get it. It uses an incredibly hateful and offensive word. I’ve been lucky enough to never have that word directed towards me but I hate hearing it.

As a feminist, I think it’s important to acknowledge that that is not the only book that contains slurs and other offensive words. That word is also (unfortunately) a part of American history, it’s not just something that you can get rid of.

As an avid reader, I’m just not okay with it being removed. I didn’t read it in school (even though I thought I would) so I just went ahead and bought it. It’s a classic and it’s an amazing read.

At the end of the day I don’t think removing is the right decision. I’m all for content warnings in books so I think that that might be the best solution. That, and for teachers to talk to their students and tell them what to expect. Also, as a person of color who has been at predominantly white schools my whole life, I don’t think teachers should actually say the n word. In a classroom setting where there’s just me and maybe one other minority (not even necessarily another black person) and white teacher says the n word, it’s not a comfortable situation. Because everyone in the room – including the teacher – turns to the black person in the room to see how they’ll respond. It’s annoying. It also (sometimes) gives people the impression that it’s okay to say.

Anyway, have you all heard about this? What do you think about it? Let me know!


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15 Responses to To Kill A Mockingbird Controversy

  1. believemeornotsite says:

    Nowadays people get offended easily. They complain about every single thing. Racism is a real problem, but this book is not racist, it is portraying a reality society wants to ignore.

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  2. Unfortunately this isn’t the first time TKAM has been challenged, it’s gotten a lot of flack forever. I 100% agree with your opinion. It’s the teacher’s job to talk about the word (without using it) and take it as a learning opportunity for students. Ignoring it makes it worse.

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