Question about the Lunar Chronicles

Hey all,

This is similar to the questions that I had about Throne of Glass. This series in on my 2017 TBR and I didn’t know that there were 5 novellas, I originally only knew about two – Fairest (3.5) and Stars Above (4.5).

Now I know that there are three others: Glitches (.5), The Little Android (.6) and The Queen’s Army (1.5).

If you have read the series, did you read the novellas? Do they add to the story? Should I put them on my TBR? I mean they’re probably short and cheap too right so does it matter?

I was told to read all of the novellas for Throne of Glass (and I bought them on Cyber Monday) so let me know what you think!



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3 Responses to Question about the Lunar Chronicles

  1. Nova says:

    Stars Above is actually a bind-up of the novellas! Fairest is a novella on its own, though. I do think Fairest adds quite a bit to the story if you read it in publishing order, but Stars Above is less necessary for character building, but still kind of important. You don’t need any of the stories, but they add a good amount of background in some cases. One of the stories is just for the world and the people in it, and others are for the characters. I would say a majority (actually, The Little Android is the only outcast) of the stories that add to the overall story, and I would recommend reading them. They’re all super short 😀 Definitely recommend reading everything in publishing order! There are huuuge spoilers in Stars Above.

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