TV Review | Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life


I loved the first episode. It was very nostalgic and I like how they brought in familiarity right away with Lorelai saying “I smell snow,” the immediate witty banter with Rory, and then walking around town and seeing the rest of the characters that you were hoping would come back.

While I did enjoy it overall there were a few things that I didn’t like.

The entire third episode was almost completely pointless. Why the musical? It was stupid and added nothing to the plot. Lorelai could have had her revelation some other way. And I don’t think I believe that she would go hiking. Even though she didn’t actually hike I’m still not sure that would have happened. However, Luke’s response totally made up for it. I love that he was ready to fight for their relationship. I just don’t think that she needed to go hiking to realize she wanted to marry him. In one of the episodes before she said it herself, “It was always supposed to be Luke.”

There were also a few things that I just couldn’t overlook as a feminist and an ally. In the first episode Emily says she doesn’t want to see a therapist because “she’s not crazy” then the second episode has the town talking about “borrowing gays” like they’re props and not people, and then the body shaming in the 3rd episode. I had an issue with those things and I’m not afraid to call it out. Someone should’ve been able to say that it wasn’t a good idea. Sure it’s a TV show with a fictional town and fictional characters but it’s also one that A LOT of people have watched and will watch and it will make some people think that it’s acceptable.

Oh and I guess the fertility thing was their way to give Paris more camera time but….how about no? Luke and Lorelai both have their daughters, they don’t need more kids. If that was going to be a thing, it should’ve been when the show was on TV, not now.

I still hate Emily and Michele. Emily is unbearable at times. And yeah I know that she lost her husband, but she was like that before Richard passed. And Michele is a whiny brat. He could have and should have been much nicer to Lorelai about leaving.

I think that’s it for things that I didn’t like.

I did like that Christopher made an appearance. I like that Sookie came back at the end!! I knew that she was coming back but it took forever so I started to doubt it!

I don’t care for Dean… all…….not sorry.

Jess not being over Rory is interesting because now her mom and his uncle are married.

I liked that Logan was a big part of it, I just didn’t want it to be that way. When I first saw them together I was excited and then I found out that he was engaged and cheating on his fiance. When they said goodbye I was so sad though.

Every time Richard was mentioned I almost cried. I don’t do well with seeing death in movies because of personal experiences so I was not expecting the funeral scene in the first episode. It was hard to watch.

I don’t really have an opinion of April to be honest. I liked her on the original but not really on the revival.

Also, I’ve never liked Kirk so I still feel that he’s sort of irrelevant.

Okay…..the last four words.

I personally think that it made sense to end that way because it was kind of a full circle/circle of life kind of thing, if that makes sense. I didn’t expect it, but Rory would be a great mother and I’m guessing it’s expected that she’s writing this book about her life and this is going to be the next chapter and all of that. I’m also assuming Logan is the father. It’s either him or the guy she had a one night stand with but I doubt that. I just sort of wish that they could’ve been together and planned it and all, but life happens so there it is.

I think I’d give the revival 4/5. It was definitely a nice treat if you were a fan of the original.


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8 Responses to TV Review | Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

  1. Awesome! I quite enjoyed the original, but I want a story fan, is good to know that this is enjoyable

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  2. Great review, Rae!

    Ha, I think everyone agrees with us on the musical being stupid! It was so obnoxious and lasted WAY too long! I also didn’t like the ‘crazy’ and gay thing – I thought it was a little wrong, I must admit.

    I have to say that I didn’t like the whole Rory and Logan thing. I’m not saying Rory needs to be perfect but she went to someone who was extremely moral to someone who has an affair with an engaged man – I just feel like Logan wasn’t right for her. Sure, he’s fun, but that’s about it.

    The whole Paris thing was a bit annoying and confusing. First it seemed like Lorelai might want more kids and then it didn’t. Plus, I’m not sure I could see Paris doing that as a job, though I can totally see her wanting the ‘perfect baby’. Also, what was up with Tristan making an appearance? So unnecessary and pointless!

    I totally didn’t think about how the father could be the guy Rory had a one night stand with! I’m guessing it was supposed to be Logan though.

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  3. Thanks for the honest review, I watched the first season a bunch of times but never got much farther in the show. I thought Lorelai ended up with Christopher at the very end of all the seasons?? But it makes me happy that she ends up with Luke now because I love Luke. All the things you pointed out as a feminist and ally sound like someone should have thought them through better. Great review.

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