This or That? Suggestions

Hi all,

Today I posted my 67th This or That? question! While I do have more coming, I am always open to suggestions and am hoping that I can at least make it to 100.

If you are unfamiliar with This or That?, every Monday I write a post that includes a bookish question. Fellow bloggers then comment on the post or write their own. On the Friday of that same week, I write a conclusion post with the results.

Recently I’ve also started posting questions on Twitter through the polling system so if you follow me (@blog_bookmark) you can answer there if you like (I just won’t know that it was you).

I also accept guest posts regarding This or That? topics (thanks to B.G.) so if there’s one that you feel like you have a lot of input on, go for it!

Below is a list of all of the This or That? challenges that I have done so far:

  1. Gale vs Peeta
  2. Edward vs Jacob
  3. Hardcover vs Paperback
  4. Physical Books vs eBooks
  5. Book Series vs Stand Alone
  6. Scheduled vs Spontaneous Reading
  7. Why we DNF
  8. Reading inside or outside
  9. Favorite genre
  10. Favorite author vs favorite character
  11. HP books vs movie series
  12. Owning a bookshop vs getting paid to read
  13. Reviews/recommendations vs instinct
  14. Physical bookstores vs online
  15. Hunger Games vs Divergent
  16. Dystopian/Utopian vs Modern Day
  17. TFIOS vs Paper Towns
  18. Writing in books
  19. One book at a time vs multiple
  20. Best-selling author vs Reviewer
  21. Male vs Female Authors
  22. Book covers vs movie covers
  23. Bookmarks vs Dog-ear
  24. A copy of your favorite book that you’ve already read vs a book that you’ve never heard of before
  25. Libraries vs bookstores
  26. POV: 1st or 3rd
  27. Audiobooks yay or nay
  28. Write a stand-alone turned movie vs series turned tv show
  29. Long vs short novels
  30. Original fairy tales vs retellings
  31. Watch the movie vs read the book (what comes first?)
  32. Never read your favorite book again vs burn the last three that you read
  33. Getting to choose the cast for a movie vs rewriting a book
  34. Love triangles vs OTP
  35. Reading in the morning, night, or midday
  36. Comic books/graphic novels
  37. Historical fiction (yes or no)
  38. Skipping ahead
  39. 24 hours with a fictional character or in a fictional world
  40. What do you do with books that you don’t like
  41. Biographies and memoirs
  42. What’s worse: when you don’t like the plot or the characters
  43. Would you prefer to have the ending spoiled or never know what happens
  44. Single or multiple perspectives
  45. What’s worse: missing the middle chapters or the first and the last
  46. Breaking spines (yes or no)
  47. Lending books
  48. Are there any books that you liked before but have changed your mind about
  49. Movie adaptations
  50. What’s worse: damaged books or “lost” ones
  51. When do you read reviews
  52. Do you write reviews
  53. Do you read NA
  54. Trigger warnings
  55. Book clubs
  56. Ebooks or audiobooks
  57. Novel or short stories
  58. Do you always read novellas
  59. Unfinished Series
  60. Reading vs writing
  61. How often do you read book descriptions
  62. Booktube
  63. Fiction vs nonfiction
  64. NaNoWriMo
  65. Goodreads
  66. Faces on book covers
  67. Book blogs vs Booktube

If you would like to know more about a specific topic, you can type in “This or That” with the corresponding number into the search bar on my page.

So, if you have any suggestions, want to write a guest post, or have questions you can contact me through my blog, Facebook, Twitter or send me an email ( Let me know what you think! 🙂


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6 Responses to This or That? Suggestions

  1. carlalouise89 says:

    Ron vs Harry?
    Science fiction vs fantasy?
    Twist or no twist?

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