“But You Don’t Look Sick!”

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2 Responses to “But You Don’t Look Sick!”

  1. Im so sorry that youve had “friends” abandon you after you became unwell, that a horrible thing to have had happen. Those people obviously didn’t care about you enough to stick by you and I know at the time it must’ve sucked to have them leave but in the end you’re better off because of it.
    honestly I want to thank you so much for making this post. I have narcolepsy, a sleep disorder, and sometimes I feel as if I’m not “sick enough” or appear sick enough to be considered sick. I get separate accommodation for exams because of my condition and quite often I feel as if I’m wasting space as I don’t have dyslexia (so I wouldnt need a reader writer) or anything disability that requires constant care, especially during an exam.
    I know that a lot of people believe that sleeping disorders, especially one’s that cause you to excessively sleep, are just people being lazy. I had a dean that refused to move my class (to one that would challenge me more) due to my attendance (I was off school a lot due to my sleep disorder) he believed I was lazy and just saying that I was finding the work easy.
    Thank you, again, for making this post.
    – Yasmin


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