Do you really need ‘straight pride’?

When you’re in the majority and have never faced discrimination for your identity, don’t try to take away from people in the minority because you “feel left out”


Pride festivals are a celebration of love, equality and overall a place for everyone of all sexual orientations and genders to come together and have a good time. It’s all about being comfortable in your own skin. However straight pride arose in the late 1980s; it is often seen as a response to gay pride and is more often than not consists of homophobic heterosexual individuals. Even if those partaking aren’t actually homophobic, they claim that they have every right to celebrate their sexuality just as the LGBT+ community. And if you’re heterosexual and believe that statement then you clearly don’t understand the point of gay pride in the first place.

Obviously as a gay woman I’m against homophobia full stop and it breaks my heart that some people partake in straight pride parades simply to make a statement against the LGBT+ community and almost mock them in a sense. All of…

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