Election Aftermath

sOnly four days after the election and I am numb.

I’m tired of having to call people out on their privilege and remind them that just because something doesn’t affect them, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have an impact on other people. If you consider yourself an ally (no matter what group(s) you advocate for, chechking your own privilege is incredibly important).

I’m tired of hearing about how students of color (particularly black students) are being harassed by white students on college campuses. Can you imagine what it must feel like to walk around campus seeing Trump’s name with a swastika drawn in it? Or seeing photos of your fellow classmates or teammates in black face, draped in Confederate flags, and smiling next to a sign that has the n-word on it. Or what about being in your first semester of your first year of college at a PWI and being added to a GroupMe chat called “nigger lynching”

Can you imagine what that’s like? Because that’s exactly what’s happening in this country right now.

There is a girl that I went to school with who tweeted that even though she voted for Trump, she isn’t racist because she sat with a group of black people once in the cafeteria. First of all, the fact that you felt the need to tweet that proves underlying racist tendencies. Being around black people doesn’t make you less of a racist. And acting like that was your good deed for the year certainly doesn’t help your case.

According to this girl apparently calling someone out on their racism is bullying. She literally cried victim because people told her that what she said was offensive. Talk about white fucking privilege.

Look, I know that Trump isn’t personally responsible for all of these things but he perpetuates stereotypes about minorities. The things that he says are problematic and his presidency is already bringing out the worst in people. The man was endorsed by the fucking KKK for Christ’s sake. This is an issue.

I have been as nice as I can to people who have tried to justify their vote for Trump (without giving any good reasons at all), justify his actions, and sweep racism under the rug. But I’m not doing it anymore. You want to attack me from behind your fake twitter name and tell me racism doesn’t exist? Or call me “deluded” because you’re stuck in the 1900s? Fucking bring it. I am done playing nice. I’m done trying to reason with bigots and find some sort of common ground. If you really want to have this argument then you better bring everything you’ve got because I am not holding back. Go ahead. Stereotype me. Call me the angry black girl. Be careful what you wish for because that is exactly what I’ll give you, so you better be prepared.

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11 Responses to Election Aftermath

  1. vellissima says:

    I believe that anyone who voted for a racist homophobic misogynist immigrant baiting ass is themselves the same. Anyone who condones and facilitates hate participates in it. There is no excuse, short of brain damage. No bs excuses.

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  2. Becky Bee says:

    Shared on FB and twitter. Deserves to be read!

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  3. Ariel Lynn says:

    I think when someone says “But” (like, “I’m not racist, but“), they negate everything that came before it.

    People’s behavior has been disgusting since the 9th. 😥

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