Rae’s Rules to Remember #64: Reading Pet Peeves

Yes, more pet peeves, but not about blogging this time! Have you ever read a book and found yourself rolling your eyes? I have. Well I roll my eyes a lot in general but you know what I mean.

  • Typos

I’m okay with maybe a few throughout the entire book, human error and all. But when I read Uglies I found tons of typos just within the first 100 pages. It was terrible. Like, how many people read the book before it gets published? I felt like it was just way too many for one book.

  • Drawn out dialogue

Unnecessary dialougue is the worst. Stop trying to make the conversation suspenseful and get to the good stuff. That’s what I’m reading for anyway. Get to the point

  • Overhyped books that don’t live up to the excitement

“OMG you have to read this book RIGHT NOW!” Says a friend.

“OMG you’re going to freaking love it” Says another friend.

“It’s going to be your favorite new book” Says the first friend.

Me: *Reads the description* “Ok that sounds pretty cool, I’ll read it”

Also me: ” You got all excited over…..that…?”

Example: Perks of Being a Wallflower. Yeah I said it, I did a whole post on it that you can read here.

  •  Weak female characters

You can also read about that one. To do so, click here.

  • People of color described in terms of food

Every time I see this is I get so irritated. Seriously? Are you fucking kidding? This shit isn’t flattering. We’re not food, we’re people. Stop fetishizing us. Thanks

  • Insta love

I don’t believe in love at first sight. You can’t fall in love with someone by looking at them or making eye contact. You can’t fall in love with someone that you know nothing about. I need characters to get to know each other before they try to get married. Not sorry

  • Love Triangles

Stop. Just stop. This is so overdone and completely unnecessary. Why can’t one love interest be enough? Is this third person really needed. And if the triangle includes two best friends then that just makes it ten times worse. Don’t……just don’t.

  • Misplaced romance

Some books just should not include romance. Like, if it’s dystopia, there’s a war going on, people are fighting for their lives….things like that. If the world is about to end who the hell has time to try to figure out which person they want to end up with?

That’s all I’ve got for now. Is there anything that you’re tired of seeing in novels? Let me know!


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14 Responses to Rae’s Rules to Remember #64: Reading Pet Peeves

  1. Victoria says:

    Ughh, insta love, I hate it so much! And weak female characters are infuriating, especially if it’s related to the insta love

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  2. I love how you mention how some stories shouldn’t have love stories in it. I TOTALLY agree! Like, “Okay ,the world is falling apart and burning to the ground, but we have time to just go and start making out!” Really?! That’s like when you see a commercial for one of those doctor shows and everyone’s running around trying to save people, yet they somehow manage to be sleeping with each other in one of the closets! RIDICULOUS!

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  3. Megan @ bookslayerReads says:

    For some reason, typos or spelling and grammatical errors really irk me… Glad I’m not alone. Lol.

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  4. Idontwearahat. says:

    I can’t believe you don’t like The Perks of Being a Wallflower! That book has me in knots, it’s just so heavy! I’m with you on the misplaced romance. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to chuck that into a dystopian or futuristic novel. The typos are annoying. Even in Penguin books there can be a lot and considering they are a massive publishing company, I imagine they have quite a lot of proofreaders to hand. Overhyped books tend to be terrible. Disappointed almost every time! I’m slowly starting to notice there are many weak women characters. Or ones I can’t identify with.

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    • Well my issue with Perks was because everyone kept telling me how much they love it and it’s so good. So I was under the impression that it was a “happy” book. Then I found out what happened to Charlie, and I felt like everyone ignored that ya know? Definitely a good read but no one talks about what the story is actually about and why Charlie is the way he is

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  5. michelle says:

    About typos in published works: I’ve had three books published, and it definitely is hard to scrub all typos, no matter how many times you read your own work. So an author is really dependent on the editor–and some houses are better than others. Most recently I worked with FSG and they are a class act–they caught stuff I never would have noticed–not just typos, but internal inconsistencies, time issues, you name it. I have noticed the bigger the writer, the less likely a book will be carefully edited. I don’t know if it’s because the author doesn’t want it (don’t touch my work!) or if because the house knows it will sell no matter what. It drives me nuts when bad writing gets put out there in best sellers!

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    • I understand that and I don’t blame necessarily blame the author. I know that when you read the same thing over and over it’s hard to catch them. Like I said, I’m fine with a few throughout the book, but in Uglies there were too many to ignore


  6. michelle says:

    You know what the problem is with typos? It’s that they ruin the fictional dream. There you are, in a different world, and suddenly you are made aware that you are READING! The spell is broken, if only for a moment, by a mistake. That’s why they’re so irksome.

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