This or That? #62 (Conclusion)

Hello and Happy Friday!

This week we talked about BookTube and it turns out that 79% do not use BookTube. A lot of people actually didn’t know that it existed. So, if you;re interested in learning more about BookTube or checking it out, these are the BookTubers that were recommended more than once:

Don’t forget to check out this weeks post from  Lauren @ Lolsy’s Library and Lindsey @ A Piece of Paradis to see if they have any BookTube recommendations.

That’s all for now, see you on Monday!


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1 Response to This or That? #62 (Conclusion)

  1. Wow I’ve heard a fair number of people saying they don’t use booktube (and to be fair since I started blogging i don’t watch it anymore) but that’s still a surprisingly high number!

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