Paying the Kindness (Not Cruelty) Forward


As many of you probably are aware, I struggle with anxiety. It can be really painful emotionally to struggle so mightily and the last thing I want is to be yelled at or scolded for having something that is hard to control. With that being said, I have come to understand that some people, no matter what, have a difficult time being kind to those who struggle. It’s a sad, but true fact.

The thing that is even harder to understand is when people who have struggled (or struggle) themselves with the same or similar issue as your own, still manage to treat you like crap. I know that anxiety can be frustrating (man, do I know that), but that’s no reason to treat others who suffer so terribly. In fact, if you’re going through something similar (or have in the past), that should make you more empathetic. Or at…

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2 Responses to Paying the Kindness (Not Cruelty) Forward

  1. Kavita Chavda says:

    Loved the post.
    This is a brutal reality.


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