Presidential Debate #3

In case you don’t already know, I am voting for Hillary. Like in the past two debates I think that she won although this was the calmest that Trump has been and it was very surprising.

First, I want to point out that during the past two debates, Trump continuously complained that Hillary’s commercials only said negative things about him and then I saw one of his commercials today that does the exact same thing. Hypocrite.

Okay, now for the debate and what Trump did wrong:

  • A lot of times when Trump is asked a question, he spends half of his time pointing the finger at someone else. This doesn’t help him. It just makes it seem like he’s looking for something to say to fill time. I’ve learned, from being in a lot of debates, that you only attack your opponent when you have nothing valid to say. Towards the end, he was doing that a lot
  • Says “taking the baby out of the womb on the ninth month on the final day” is unacceptable. If you’re taking the baby out when the baby is due….it’s a C section. That’s not an abortion, the baby is being born. I mean, if you’re going to talk down on the procedure at least know what it is. I’m pro-choice, but I do respect women that are pro-life because I understand their reasons even if I don’t agree with them. However, what a woman decides to do with body is not up to anyone else, especially not the government.
  • Keeps making the generalizations that immigrants are murderers and drug dealers. I want to believe that he isn’t stupid enough to believe a generalization that strong but then again, I don’t think he is. Even if he doesn’t believe that all of them are, he needs to stop saying it that way.
  • Keeps claiming that Immigration and Customs Enforcement endorsed him. They did not.
  • Said “bad hombres” while talking about securing the border. This is problematic on a few different levels but I still just don’t understand what made him say that. Using one Spanish term doesn’t get you in with Latinos & Hispanics. Especially, not when you’re insulting them…
  • Keeps saying that Hillary and Barack won’t say “radical Islamic terror” Is saying it supposed to make it disappear?
  • During the debate he kept saying that he didn’t know Putin and then his campaign tweets about becoming his best friend. Wtf?
  • Was told during the debate that ecominists looked at his plan and said that the numbers didn’t add up and that it was unrealistic. Instead of talking more about the plan for clarification or to defend it, he talked about other countries and then started pointing the finger at Hillary.
  • Kept saying that Hillary has been in politics for 30 years and should have changed the laws. Hillary has not been president for the past 30 years, he can’t seriously believe that she was just going to single-handedly change everything.
  • Blames ISIS on Hillary and Obama
  • Criticizes how people are treated in other countries but from day one of his campaign he has insulted damn near every minority group there is.
  • Literally said that he was entitled not to pay taxes
  • Made the generalization that Syrian refugees are “definitely ISIS aligned” Again, you can’t make generalizations like when you’re running for president
  • Still thinks that ALL members of the Latinx and African American communities live in inner cities. FALSE! He also keeps saying that he’s “going to do so much” for us but never explains what the hell that’s supposed to mean. Once again, he should have enough common sense to not make a stupid generalization like this. Not all minorities are poor and educated.
  • Keeps claiming that the election is rigged. You can’t jsut start claiming that everything is rigged because it’s not going your way. Grow up.
  • Refuses to say that he will concede if Hillary is named president. This isn’t optional. This is how democracy works. Results are results and you have to accept them. 

Like I said, Trump was surprisingly calm this time around (for the most part) but almost everything that he said still lacked substance, fact, or a plan to move forward.


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3 Responses to Presidential Debate #3

  1. Ariel Lynn says:

    I thought NPR did a good job fact-checking. I looked at the fact-checking instead of watching the debate (because, y’know, stress levels).

    I also thought it was ridiculous how he harped on NAFTA, claiming it was Bill Clinton’s bill & a very bad bill. It was created by the first President Bush. If he’s going to point the finger, he should know if he’s pointing it at the right person or not.

    I really think he doesn’t know how law-making works in the U.S. I’m really worried that he thinks it’s like being the boss of a company (or TV show), where he can “fire” people if they don’t do what he wants. He thinks that Hillary Clinton can just pass laws by herself?

    He really needs to read Mr. Khan’s copy of the Constitution. *rolls eyes*

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