Rae’s Rules to Remember #61: My skin color is not a costume

We are halfway to Halloween and at first I thought that I wouldn’t have to write a post like this, but it’s been made clear that I do.

My skin color is not a costume. Do you really think blackface is funny? I mean, seriously? Would you find it equally humorous if minorities wore white powder or paint on their faces and made fun of you for a night? No? Why not? It’s no funny you say? It’s hurtful? Well, how the fuck do you think we feel? This little double standard here, needs to stop. You can’t cry that you don’t like when someone does something that you find offensive, and then turn around and do the same damn thing. You especially have no right to try to make fun of people with a darker skin tone than yours, if you’re one of those people that goes out of their way to get a tan in summertime.

My hair is not a costume. Women of color are constantly told that their hair has to meet certain standards of beauty, yet the Kardashians are somehow able to take what has already existed for decades and turn it into a “trend.” Another double standard. Oh, and for the record: women of color can and do have naturally red and blonde hair, so no you don’t get to be offended by that.

My culture is not a costume. You don’t get to “dress up” in it for a night while making inappropriate jokes to make yourself feel superior, and then take it off once you’ve gotten bored with it. Being black isn’t simply defined by listening to rap music (which I don’t even like by the way) or whatever other bullshit stereotypes you come up with.

My existence is not a costume. Sure you can dress up as Jasmine or Tiana, and be a princess for the night. That’s okay. The difference is that I am not a Disney princess. I am not a fictional character. I’m a real fucking person. It’s not like minorities are just a myth. We exist whether you like it or not so deal with it.

What this basically comes down to is cultural appropriation. Yes, it is a thing and no it’s not funny. It’s not just a problem on Halloween either, you need to remember this on Cinco de Mayo and Saint Patrick’s Day as well. No, I’m not “being PC” you’re just being racist. There’s a difference between being politically correct and not being a bigoted asshole. If you can’t tell the difference between the two then I suggest you take a second to check your privilege.

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5 Responses to Rae’s Rules to Remember #61: My skin color is not a costume

  1. LorevaRaven says:

    *insert preach hands emoji here* Being a woman of colour, I second this and believe strongly in this post!!

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    Hello Rae!

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    Jennica B.

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