This or That? #60

The big 6-0!

In case anyone needs a reminder or is new to the Bookmark Chronicles, here are the rules: Every Monday I will post a This or That Challenge where we will choose between two characters or scenarios. On Friday we will see which scenario/character wins. Feel free to either comment your choice below or make your own post and link it back here! :)

By no means do you have to feel obligated to do every single challenge, but I would love to hear all of your opinions! If you can only really talk about one scenario then go for it. Also, if you have any suggestions or would like to write a guest post about any of the This or That? topics let me know!

This is a question that I am interested to find out the answer to and have wanted to ask for a while…

Which do you enjoy more: reading or writing?

You already know that you can’t say both, so don’t try it.

I guess I didn’t really start writing until I started my blog. Obviously, I’ve had to write essays and things for school but those don’t really count for me. Aside from blogging I took a Young Adult Novel class where I had to write four chapters of my own novel. I enjoyed it, I got an A, and my professor said that I should really continue the novel because she liked where it was going.

I do want to keep writing it and I will. However, I find writing incredibly difficult and sometimes frustrating. It’s not my thing and to be honest, I never thought that I would do it in the first place. I’ll keep doing it to finish what I started but my heart really isn’t in it.

I also consider writing for my blog totally different from writing a novel so I really love writing here but that’s just me talking really.

So to answer the question, I prefer reading. I’ve been reading since I was two and it’s really relaxing for me.

What about you? Reading or writing? Let me know!


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17 Responses to This or That? #60

  1. carlalouise89 says:

    I think reading. I used to really, really love writing – and to be honest, I’m damn good at it, in all forms. I used to receive awards, and received the highest mark in my entire school for a story I wrote once. Because it was a standardized test, I got a special award, because I got in the highest bandwith for it. But … I don’t know. While I love it, writing novels is something I repeat over and over and over again (the same ones, I mean), because I’m such a perfectionist with it. I could always do better. With reading … I just become immersed (unless the book is shitty, then I edit it in my head as I’m going). But yeah … I love that feeling of just becoming entrapped in a story. It’s beautiful.

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  2. whatwouldarido says:

    I used to write and read constantly. I’d even have journals of poems, regular entries, abandoned short stories (both mine and usually Poe’s), novels, etc. all over my house as a pre-teen/teen. It was the only way to, I guess, handle my overactive imagination. However, I’d probably have to choose reading all the way. While there’s something deeply personal about writing your own material, the investment I make in a good book (both monetarily and emotionally/mentally) makes reading somehow much more enjoyable. I’ll give up writing something at the first sign of writer’s block, but I’ll lose days and days of sleep for a good book/a good book series.


  3. *gets shot in the heart* Ah! How can you do this to me, Rae? How can you make me choose between my two loves? To be honest… I think I pick writing. I love reading, but I would go insane if I didn’t have a means to get down these crazy stories running through my head. And I get great enjoyment out of sharing them with others and seeing their reactions to them. Does that form of insanity make sense? :p

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  4. kristianw84 says:

    Ugh…. but I love both equally!!! Since you are making me chose, I have to go with writing. I love to read, and do it just as frequently if not more than I write, but there’s something about sitting down with my laptop, sipping a glass of wine, and letting the words flow freely! I go back and edit, of course! 😉

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  5. Ariel Lynn says:

    Oo. Toughie. I’ve been writing since I knew how. I love writing, but I struggle with how it’s going to be read by others & that thinking prevents me from moving forward on a lot of pieces. It worries me so much that I freeze & compulsively edit for weeks on 500 words.

    Short answer, reading. It’s much more relaxing & far less stressful. 🙂

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    • Don’t do that!!! Forget everybody else. Be selfish!!!! I used to reword my post because I didn’t want people to think of me as “the angry black girl” in post where I curse a lot. And then I was like screw that, I have a right to be angry about racism and sexism and all that other bullshit so whoever doesn’t like it can get the hell over it!!!!!

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      • Ariel Lynn says:

        You’re so right, it hurts. Oh wait… that’s my jaw. LOL (I deflect serious conversations with humor, usually at my own expense. LOL)

        It’s a very tough habit to break, unfortunately. I’m working on it & I think having a blog helps.

        Still, it shouldn’t have taken as long as it did to write up my most recent post. & I felt saying “Get. Over. It.” like we talked about would have sounded bad… even though it’s absolutely how I feel. Part of it is my own personal experience being constantly & consistently criticized, & it’s partly due to the fact that talking about social justice & feminism requires female writers to be extremely careful lest they court angry white men (& some women) claiming misandry. :-/


      • Bullshit (not to you, but to the concept that we have to be careful). We don’t. Us addressing issues like privilege, racism and sexism shouldn’t make them uncomfortable. the fact that privilege, racism and sexism EXIST should make them uncomfortable.
        Maybe not today and maybe not tomorrow but one day you’re gonna consider rewriting something to make it “sound nice” and then you’re gonna be like “no eff that!”

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      • Ariel Lynn says:

        You’re so right… again.

        I hope that day comes soon. & I’m sure that I’ll keep what you’ve said here at the forefront of my mind when I’m editing from now on. I think it’s that helpful.

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