Rae’s Rules to Remember #59: Blogging Pet Peeves Part 2

I am back with another round of Blogging Pet Peeves! Click the link to see the first post.

  • Don’t apologize to your readers

If you can’t blog on a consistent basis, you skip a post, or post something late….so what?! It’s okay! It’s your blog, you’re allowed to do that. You’re allowed to do whatever the hell you want. None of the things that I mentioned warrant an apology. You have a life outside of blogging, why apologize for that?

  • Comments that are unnecessary

A few times, someone has left a comment that didn’t start a conversation, added nothing to the post, and was all around pointless. Why comment at all? I wanted to say, “Okay, what’s your point?” but I was nice and left it alone.

  • Having to repeat myself

This is something that really annoys me because it says to me that the person left a comment without the intention of actually having a discussion. They wanted to come up with an excuse for something (most likely that I disagreed with) and wanted me to just accept it. When someone says “what I’m saying is” or “what I mean is” and then says something that I have either already acknowledged or made clear that I agree with, it really pisses me off. Instead of fully reading my comment they were probably forming a response before they finished reading what I said, and went off of that. Don’t start a conversation if you don’t want to have a conversation. And having a conversation means listening to the other person.

  • Blog for you. No one else

This sort of ties in with the first point. But seriously! Yes, you have an audience but that does not mean that you shouldn’t blog about what you want to blog about. Don’t let your audience control what you post about. Sure, you can add that to things that you post but don’t let it wipe out other things that you want to talk about. It’s one thing to want ideas from your readers but totally different when you turn to them so much that you let them control your whole blog. I’ve shared this link before and I will again. If you are someone who feels pressure to blog about certain things or have a certain amount of posts per week then you should read this. (Rae’s Rules #18: Blogging Pressures and Such).

So there you have it. More of my pet peeves.

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9 Responses to Rae’s Rules to Remember #59: Blogging Pet Peeves Part 2

  1. Victoria says:

    I don’t mind apologies as long as it’s not taking up the entire post. Just “sorry I’ve been away!” and carry on with the post. People who clearly don’t like what they’re writing about really get me though. Blog for YOU, not for me! I followed because I like your content, there’s no point in changing that

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  2. michelle says:

    I’m sorry, but I apologize to my readers all the time! Sorry, I just did it again! Sorry for apologizing…
    Actually, this is a great thing for me, as a new blogger, to read. So I went and read #41 and #18 too! Thanks for helping me laugh at myself.

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  4. dbsgirl says:

    And here I am checking out number two to see what a culprit I am!

    #1 Oh, god, I do this I’m sorry. Aargh, I did it again. I spend my life apologising. I do family therapy and one of the big things we’re working on is my apologising less! So hopefully this’ll get better. Helpful to know it spills into my writing to, I haven’t really noticed.

    # 2 Oh dear. I sometimes leave pointless comments. Just little stuff like congratulations, or thank you for the post. It seems courteous. Should I just not say anything? That seems rude after the effort they’ve put in…

    #3 I’ve never had this because I haven’t had enough comments 😦 Well, at least there’s a silver lining to every cloud!


    Thanks, Rae. (And if I can get feedback on my comments I would feel honoured 😛 Just in case they’re crap)

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