Rae’s Rules to Remember #57: Abortion

I’m pro-choice.

However, I do respect the arguments and opinions of those who are pro-life. I get your argument. I just don’t agree that someone else should be able to tell someone what to do with their body.

I also think that sometimes people don’t really look at the big picture.

Not everyone’s bodies can handle pregnancy

I personally think that this is a big deal. If carrying a child puts someone’s health and life at risk, then she should not be forced to continue the pregnancy. I have a thyroid disease and if I were to get pregnant I would have to be carefully monitored and on a ton of hormones to be able to carry full term. Otherwise the baby would most likely be miscarried.

Some people are incredibly careful

No contraceptive is 100% effective. If you’re as careful as can be to try to avoid pregnancy but it happens anyway then you should be able to terminate.

Sometimes rape leads to pregnancy

If a woman is raped and she doesn’t want to carry the child of her attacker then she shouldn’t have to. She’s been through enough trauma already. Can you blame her for not wanting to carry a child that reminds her of what happened?

I know that in some cases people aren’t careful and get an abortion just because they don’t want to have a child, but I believe that they should have that option. As someone who doesn’t want kids, and who will always be careful, I still should have the option. The government should not be able to dictate what women do with their bodies or dictate the course of their lives. It isn’t fair There are also some people just aren’t fit to be parents and I don’t think they should be forced to endure it anyway. Sure, adoption is always an option as well, but pregnancy and child birth aren’t always easy and there are enough kids in the foster system already.

The fact that I am pro-choice does not mean that I would definitely have an abortion. Nor does it mean that I agree with all of the reasons that people get them. However, people deserve to be able to make that choice for themselves.

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31 Responses to Rae’s Rules to Remember #57: Abortion

  1. carlalouise89 says:

    I sit there and I think how sick I often am. The fact that I literally physically cannot wake myself up sometimes … I’d need someone’s help, on at least a semi-regular basis (and I mean more than my husband, who would have to work, I mean like a nanny or something). I could probably get through the pregnancy, but raising the child? I don’t think I’m well enough to do that. For it to be a plausible situation.
    The bright side?
    Quite frankly, I just don’t want kids.

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  2. Support. All of it. Every last word.

    I find it absolutely appalling that this is such a big deal nowadays and there are so many people who believe women should have the choice to choose and yet it’s still an issue. You’d think that with how much opposition it gets, the government would finally realize something. Yet, I think that’s our biggest problem. Our government has lost sight of their main title: a government of the people. Too bad our government doesn’t give a dang about the people anymore and only care about pushing their agendas and lining their pockets. Either way, we need to keep bringing attention to this. We need to keep supporting women’s choice to choose and people need to mind their own damn business. -.- <– angry face.

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  4. Laura Beth says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. Every single word was spot on. I had a pregnancy scare last year, about eight months before my wedding, and I was terrified. I called Planned Parenthood, and I couldn’t get the thought of those women who don’t have a choice to abort. Luckily, I was just under a lot of stress that made my cycle late, but my heart broke, knowing that there are women and girls in my area who can’t afford an abortion, and end up having these children in terrible circumstances.

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  5. Ariel Lynn says:

    I’m so with you on your first point. Love it.

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  6. Ariel Lynn says:

    Reblogged this on Writing Radiation and commented:
    Rae says everything I’m thinking sometimes. While I respect pro-life people’s beliefs, I think that the choice part of pro-choice requires everyone to make the decision that’s best for them & their families.

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  7. chaosangelblog says:

    I totally agree. I am totally Pro-Life….for ME. I have a big family and I love it. Lots of people have ‘volunteered’ their opinions on my family size, however, my reproductive choices are not up for debate with people outside my family.

    I am Pro-Choice because it is not my place to make decisions for other people.

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  8. Blaise says:

    Would you mind reading my abortion blog and tell me what you think? I’m torn up about it. Thanks!


  9. 3rdtimemum says:

    This is great. We were in a similar position as you mentioned… currently pregnant with our 3rd, due to complications with my health the first 6 weeks were a case of doctors deciding if it was safe for me to go ahead with our unexpected gift… I am thrilled to say we are okay although monitored weekly and scanned fortnightly and will almost certainly be having baby early but when told It could possibly mean me not coming out the other side in any healthy state then of course I will put my children that are already here first. My best friend didn’t agree and we havnt spoken since. There are many reasons women go through with ending a pregnancy and actually I bet more often then not it is as gut wrenching of a desision as it was going to be for us.. we were lucky that we have great doctors looking after me.. but how dare anyone think they have any right to even comment on your life decisions. No one knows your heart or soul. Reasons are never black and white.. women have had to fight too hard forever to have to fight about their life choices in this day and age!!

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    • Thank you! I’m glad you’re okay! While I am sorry that your best friend stopped talking to you I can’t justify their reasons. I mean, you could’ve died and left your children without a mother. How can anyone want that?

      I agree, women have fought way too hard. It makes me worry about having both a president and vice president who think they (as males) should be able to make this choice for women


  10. Interesting post, and I appreciated your civil attitude towards pro-lifers. I hear where you are coming from – the government shouldn’t be controlling a woman’s body. The thing I need help understanding is the argument that abortion falls under the right to control “my body.” The unborn child has it’s own DNA, it’s own gender. A pregnant woman’s body does not have two DNA’s, or two different genders. This can only infer that when we talk about a pregnant woman, we are talking about two different bodies. The then question becomes: does a woman have the right to terminate another human’s life and body because it is inside her body?

    Thank you for your time, and for talking about this issue – it’s one that needs more discussion. God bless.


    • But, as you said, the baby’s body is INSIDE of her. And yeah I think that she should be the one that has the final say so. Pregnancy puts a lot of stress on the body and not everyone is capable of being able to withstand that. I get that its another life and all of that but what if in order for the mother to deliver she’ll die in the process? What if, because of health reasons, she can’t carry to full term? What if, she was really careful – is on birth control, used a condom, and took the day after pill- and still got pregnant? What if she just isn’t capable of taking care of a child at the moment and can’t give the baby as good a life as she wants them to have? Is it better to put the child into the foster care system so that they’re bounced from home to home until they’re 18 and have no where to go? There are tons of reasons that someone may choose abortion. And because it affects the woman more than anyone else I believe it should be her choice.

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      • Here are a couple things that make it hard for my mind to accept the your stance:

        First, many say that abortion is needed to save the life of mothers’ who would otherwise die during labor. . . An abortion in later stages is a process. The doctor inserts laminaria into the cervix and it takes several days it to dilate to the point where an abortion can take place. If there was ever a threat to the mother’s life, the OB/GYN would perform a cesarean section and deliver a living child. The baby doesn’t need to die for the mother to live. Don’t take my word, however, I encourage you to research the subject.

        Second, you make several points about a woman’s health. According to the NAF, 88 percent of abortions are healthy mom’s aborting healthy babies. Sadly, for the most part, abortion is used as contraception.

        Third, you make points about the child having a bad life. I want to humbly state that it isn’t up to anyone to decide what sort of life another human will or won’t have. The world is about people being able to make something of themselves, no matter where they come from, or what situation they are in.

        Fourth, and perhaps the greatest struggle I have is the argument that “people shouldn’t be allowed to control a woman’s body,” and this means that abortion falls under a woman’s rights. I 100 percent agree that people shouldn’t make choices regarding another person’s body. But you yourself stated – “I get that its another life and all . . .” So you understand we are dealing with two people here. This is where it gets sticky. Your argument goes from, “People shouldn’t make choices for another woman’s body” to “People shouldn’t make choices regarding a woman’s right to make choices for another woman(or man, depending on the child’s gender).” The argument is self-contradicting.

        I appreciate your discussing this. Please know that for myself, this isn’t about winning an argument. I simply believe we should have all the facts, and strive to know the truth. God bless.


      • First of all, I wasn’t saying that the baby always has to die to save the mother. There are cases where that does happen though and there are some women who can’t bear children period. So no, I’m not going to research the subject because I don’t need to.
        Second, I know that not all women who have abortions are unhealthy or are having unhealthy babies but again I never said that.I was posing it as a question saying what if that was the case.
        Third, I never said that the child was destined to have a bad life. Again it was a what if. I’m not doubting that people can make something of themselves if they grow up in foster care. I know that they can and I would never judge someone on something like that.
        Lastly, my argument is in no way contradicting.I believe that if a woman wants to get an abortion she should be able to. Period. Because it is her body and a decision that she will have to live with.
        If you think that this is you “winning” you might want to take a step back and reevaluate the situation. (Also, if you didn’t care about winning so much you, you wouldn’t have mentioned it in the first place). Since you so strongly believe that everyone should have facts then you might want to start asking questions when you’re unsure about what someone has said instead of immediately trying to tell them that they are wrong and making false assumptions like you’ve done here.

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      • Thanks for the reply. My apologies for making assumptions! I was trying to give reasons why I wasn’t able to accept your points in favor of abortion. But, I absolutely agree that people shouldn’t make assumptions about someone else’s view – that’s a good point, and I’m sorry.

        I do appreciate the discussion. God bless.


      • I’m not necessarily in favor of it. I just think the option should be available

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  11. I totally agree! You might like my recent post about this topic too.

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