Alfred Olango

How many more names will be titles of my posts this year?

How many more civilians will be killed by those who have sworn to serve and protect them?

First, let’s start with the fact that Mr. Olango has some issues with mental health. What exactly, that information I could not find. However, his sister called police because he was walking in traffic, endangering himself and motorists. Now, if you hear that someone is walking into oncoming traffic (whether you know about their mental health status or not) it would be safe to assume that something is wrong. Putting themselves in danger like that is a valid reason for concern is it not?

Before further details had been released, the El Cajon PD tweeted this:

“The investigation just started, but based on the video voluntarily provided by a witness, the subject did NOT have his hands up in the air”

So what? This statement really pisses me off. We’ve already learned that having your hands in the air won’t stop you from getting shot anyway so saying that is completely irrelevant.

Anyway, later it was discovered that the reason that they killed him was that he had his hands in his pockets and then withdrew them quickly and held up in object in a “shooting stance.” There is a picture of this however, no firearm was recovered.

Okay, I get that they would think that he had a firearm with the way that he was holding whatever the object was. My issue comes with the fact that one of the officers fired his taser and the other fired his gun. Why is a gun most people’s first reaction? Not only that, but even if the cop only has a gun, why do they automatically shoot to kill? He could have easily been tased and then taken into custody or been taken to the hospital with a nonfatal shot and questioned there.

But instead, this woman watched her brother die after she called the police to come help him.

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