How do you rate books?

Hi all,

So, I have a pretty clear idea in my head about how I currently rate books but I want some feedback on it.

1 star – These are books that I don’t finish because they’re just that bad. I’ve only ever DNF’d three books so I don’t give that rating often.

2 stars – Books that fall into this category are typically ones that I read and feel like were a complete waste of time. Most likely it’s because I hated the main characters or the plot just seemed totally useless or the story as a whole was just boring!

3 stars – These are books that I like. They were good but not great. Just mediocre. This is probably the rating that I give out most often.

4 stars – A book with this rating is really good… maybe even great, but not fantastic. Still it’s something that I would recommend to friends though

5 stars – I don’t give this rating often. A book has to totally wow me and be something that I really really love. Like Pride & Prejudice, it’s my favorite book and one of the few that I have given this rating.

So what do you think? How do you rate books? What rating do you give most often? Let me know!


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10 Responses to How do you rate books?

  1. carlalouise89 says:

    Pretty similarly. 5 stars for me has to be a book I will read more than once. That I’m so captivated by it, that I know I’ll reread it … or I already have reread it. I figure that if it’s that good, it probably deserves five stars (or, at the very least, four). That being said … I don’t rate books very often, so usually when I am rating them, it’s because I actually really enjoyed it … and then I might rate other books at the same time, too. If that makes sense!

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  2. Diana says:

    I don’t rate books that I DNF.I don’t even review them so my ratings usually start from 3 stars. Those are the books that I got through but didn’t like much. 4 and 5 stars are the great reads.

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  3. Ha! DNF is a whole separate section for the scale for me. 1-star just means it was garbage, but I forced myself through it. (though I don’t DNF books very often anyway). Truth be told, most of my reviews are 3-stars because frankly… most books are just ‘meh.’ They were good enough to pull me through, but not really good enough for much else. :/ A shame, but I’ve become a book critic since I started blogging and actively reading. What ya gonna do? *shrug*

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  4. Ariel Lynn says:

    On Goodreads, I use their system (obviously!). This post reminds me that I need to include more info when I cross-post reviews on here; thank you for that!

    On my separate Word Doc where I keep the list of all the books I’ve read since 1996, I made up this rating system:
    ++=Very Good
    -++=Very Bad
    -+++=The Worst

    I had to use the “-+” because there wasn’t a great variety of symbols available on Word way back when. “-+++” is used, very rarely, for DNF books (but I usually force myself to finish too). + & ++ are probably the most common, with ++ being a book I’d probably like to re-read or recommend to someone.

    It’s not great, but it works for me. LOL

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