Question about Throne of Glass Series

Hi all!

I’m working on my 2017 TBR and I want to read Throne of Glass. I’ve never read Sarah J Mass before but I’ve heard a lot of good things about her.

If you’ve read the Throne of Glass series, did you read all of the novellas (.1-.5) too? They seem pretty short so I think I should probably go ahead and read them? I typically make a point to read novellas just to have all of the information but I wanted some input. So far, I’ve got one vote for yes.

So let me know if you read the series and if you read the novellas or not please. Thanks!


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5 Responses to Question about Throne of Glass Series

  1. Lila says:

    you can read either book 1 (throne of glass) or book 0 (the assassin’s blade, which is the collection of the novellas) first, but whatever you do, be sure to read book 0 sometimes BEFORE you read book 4 because characters from book 0 appear in books 4 and 5. also be aware that while it’s a very entertaining and well written series, there is almost no diversity whatsoever. if you can separate that from the story and still enjoy it, that’s great, but i just figured i’d give you a heads up because it’s kinda problematic.

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  2. LorevaRaven says:

    I read the first two books and then read the third book, because even though the characters from Book 0 don’t appear in Book 3, some information is revealed and it makes much more sense if you have read Book 0 first. I recommend this order: Book 1, Book 2, Book 0, Book 3, Book 4 and Book 5 (and obviously Book 6 when it comes out next year)! would not recommend reading Book 0 as an introduction to this series because Book 1 explains the world much better, according to me. This is a stunning and amazing series and I hope you love it as much as I do, no matter what order you read in! ❤

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