I stand for diversity… but why don’t you?

Great post on why representation is important and books that actually have it!


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I can’t believe we’re still having this conversation but apparently some people will never learn. Doesn’t it pain you to see white straight people at it again, complaining when we make things not about them for once in their privileged lives. “I don’t see skin colour,” they cry, “Who cares if a character is gay or not?” they pout. You know who does care? You know who does see it? The people represented by it.

Dear those straight white people who think diversity is wrong: take a look at how angered you are when you don’t see white characters in books. Now multiply that by a thousand, act like you never see yourself represented in media, pretend that when you do it’s usually littered with harmful stereotypes, and then stop. Because that is a reality for people who are not white, who are not straight, who are…

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