I previously did a post on Gender Equality which you can check out by clicking the link.

Today is the perfect time to remember the importance of intersectionality, and the fact that women with different identities have different realities. None of those experiences should ever be ignored.

Remember that Hillary Clinton became the Democratic nominee 96 years after some women got the right to vote, while others had to wait four more decades.

That some women make 79 cents on the dollar, while others earn less.

That transgender women are being murdered simply for living their lives.

That young girls in other countries are denied their right to education.

That 1 in 4 women will experience sexual assault in college and instead of being shamed, they need to be supported.

That choosing not to get married or not have children doesn’t make you less of a woman.

That female athletes deserve o be given credit for their accomplishments.

I’m sure I could go on but I think my point has been made. Happy Women’s Equality Day.

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13 Responses to #WomensEqualityDay

  1. What frustrates me the most is other women who don’t understand that not every woman needs to have kids and get married. There’s a person in my life who doesn’t quite believe in the LGBT community and Transgender women and that annoys me to no end

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    • I know how you feel. I personally don’t want kids so when people make comments like that I’m just like “oh well since I don’t want kids I guess I’ll never be a REAL woman” I understand that for some people the LGBT community speaking out is new to them, but it doesn’t matter! These are peoples lives and you ‘not believing’ it doesn’t make them disappear, they’re real people!

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  3. ChasingGold says:

    Hi I really liked this blog!
    I currently only write specifically about females being treated equally through salary in professional sport. So I thought it was fitting that you said, “That female athletes deserve o be given credit for their accomplishments.”
    It is so true that females should have the right to make their own decisions, similarly to men, but then also have the right to the same salary. If females work equally has hard in their sport, there really should not be any disadvantage of being a women and getting paid less.
    Thank you for your article!

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  4. feministwithattitude says:

    Great post, thank you for sharing! 🙂

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