Book Review: Now You See Her

Now You See Her by James Patterson



A successful lawyer and loving mother, Nina Bloom would do anything to protect the life she’s built in New York–including lying to everyone, even her daughter, about her past. But when an innocent man is framed for murder, she knows that she can’t let him pay for the real killer’s crimes.

The perfect lie

Nina’s secret life began 18 years ago. She had looks to die for, a handsome police-officer husband, and a carefree life in Key West. When she learned she was pregnant with their first child, her happiness was almost overwhelming. But Nina’s world is shattered when she unearths a terrible secret that causes her to run for her life and change her identity.

The perfect way to die

Now, years later, Nina risks everything she’s earned to return to Florida and confront the murderous evil she fled. In a story of wrenching suspense, James Patterson gives us his most head-spinning, action-filled story yet–a Hitchcock-like blend of unquenchable drama and pleasure

Okay! This was my first James Patterson book!

While I did enjoy the story and the plot, there were a few things that kind of bothered me that I will explain as I go.

I love that the chapters are short and that it’s broken down into multiple ‘books.’ I don’t know why but short chapters make me want to read for longer periods of time.

I was pulled into the story immediately. I liked that it started in the present and then backtracked to get to that point.  One thing that I found strange (in a good way) was that the POV switched from first person to third sort of at random. On the other hand, I didn’t mind it because it made sense in the story for the part of the plot that was developing and to see what was happening with other characters.

Here’s the thing that bothered me: I really hated the way that some of the background characters were described. Like it was constantly repeated that they were black, or Latino/Hispanic or gay over and over.You can say it once and it sticks. You don’t have to say it a million times.

And then some things just didn’t need to be said like, “she’s someone who people would think was gorgeous if she was skinnier.” Is that really necessary? I don’t think so but apparently the author did.

You don’t need to call some “Crocodile Dundee” just because they’re Australian. Or call someone, “a very African American man.” Very African American as opposed to what? Just a little bit? What does that even mean?

Anyway I’ll get into the story now.


The whole thing that goes down when Jeanine and Peter first meet was an immediate red flag. Of course, from that moment I already knew that they would get married. It was kind of like that bullshit “he saved my life, I love him” thing and I was not a fan.

My issue with Jeanine is that she’s an idiot for giving up a scholarship because her boyfriend and best friend betrayed her. It’s Spring Break, you’re a senior. You’re about to start the rest of your life, finish your damn degree and then go ghost. Literally after Spring Break there are only two months left of classes, she could have survived it. I know that she’s been through a lot up to this point, but you can’t just throw a scholarship down the drain because your feelings are hurt.

I also really had an issue with the fact that the catalyst for her life changing is her boyfriend cheating on her. It made her suicidal and I know that when people think that they’re in love they get hurt and heart broken but she almost drove off of a cliff because of him. She had every right to be upset. I just hate when people put all of their happiness into one person like that, someone who really isn’t even worth it.

And then there’s the whole thing with Peter and his ex-wife and so Jeanine plans on getting kidnapped by the Jump Killer and then actually gets kidnapped by the Jump Killer. It’s a lot. But why the hell would you hitchhike with a killer on the loose? One who targets women you age? Come on!

Then she runs away, changes her identity and starts a new life. But of course it all comes to bite her in the ass.

I like how close Jeanine and Emma are. For that reason, I thought she (Emma) was a little stupid for getting so mad at her mom when Peter found her. Considering that her mom told her that he was dead and that he had a different name, she should’ve figured something was up. They’re just too close for that. Also, since her mom lied to her, why would she trust him in the first place? It didn’t make sense to me, I feel like she didn’t ask any questions at all. She just accepted that this random man said he was her father.

Peter is a psycho. Like his character could be featured on Criminal Minds he’s that sick. I kind of guess that maybe he was in with the Jump Killer I just didn’t know that they would be best friends or that he sent him to kill Jeanine in the first place. I also wasn’t expecting him to kill his new wife and kids. Since he killed his first wife while she was pregnant, I was surprised he even kept her alive that long. Also he was going to sell his daughter in Mexico. Really? I don’t understand how you can just not care about your own kids.

I like that it’s a happy ending but I felt like Jeanine and Charlie’s romance was bullshit. They spent less than a week together working on a case, barely knew each other and then a year later were married. Their relationship didn’t even really develop in the story it just sort of happened. And honestly Jeanine doesn’t have time to be falling in love while she’s running for her life.

I did feel like it was fast paced. Something was always happening and with every turn of the page there’s something else thrown into the mix. It was like watching CSI: Miami (which I loved before it was cancelled). Actually the story is very much like something that would be on that show come to think of it.

I would give it 3.5 stars.

I’m finally going to read Gone Girl now. Yay!


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  1. carlalouise89 says:

    I skipped the spoilers because I really want to read this novel, but as I’ve read some of Patterson’s novels before, from your description, that sounds like his writing, which makes me feel a bit disappointed. I really liked Gone Girl, though! Heaps of people found it messed up, but that made me like it more. Have you read “The One Who Got Away?”

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