‘Feminism is Cancer’

Wow. This is actually hilarious and so misguided

Coalition of the Brave

I took aim at an anti-equality site yesterday (because that’s really what being anti-feminism is) and I do so again today. This time the site is called ‘Feminism is Cancer‘. The site’s author (FIC, as I don’t know how else to address them) actually posted a comment on my previous article, and I made a few comments on a couple of his. Curiously (or perhaps not so curiously) my comments, and his replies to them, were deleted. Unfortunately I didn’t copy them down – a lesson learned there.

I ought to mention here that, regardless of how much I disagree with the stuff FIC has written, he has been prepared to put it out there.

So what does FIC have to say for himself?

When women stood up for the right to work and vote it had a meaning, what came after it has been disastrous.

The 1960’s…

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