Why Do Women Support Trump?

I’m not being funny or sarcastic, this is a genuine question. For the life of me I cannot understand why a woman would want to support him.

Even before he started his presidential campaign, he has said terrible things about women.  Implies that the only thing important about women are whether or not they are attractive. That a woman’s beauty is dependent on her bra size. He’s called them bimbos, dogs, and beautiful pieces of ass. He thinks breastfeeding is disgusting but had no issue with Miss USA and Miss Universe contestants walking across stage in bikinis. Kicked a trans woman out of the Miss Universe pageant. Says that sexual assault in the military is caused by allowing men and women both to enlist. Suggested that a CNN reporter must have been on her period because he didn’t like her questions. Blatantly said women shouldn’t be president.

He’s even sexualized his own daughter multiple times starting when she was an infant.

I don’t understand, I really don’t……


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28 Responses to Why Do Women Support Trump?

  1. bambiquim says:

    But maybe it’s a good thing that you don’t (understand)? Not understanding why racism and sexism and a profound lack of empathy still exist, and talking about it, are hopefully the ways to bring about change. #hopeful

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  2. carlalouise89 says:

    I don’t, either. I think they were dropped on their head at birth, or something.

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  3. darthtimon says:

    I don’t understand how Trump can be a nominee, but then again, this is the Republican party, and they’ve shown themselves to be out of touch before. Hopefully Trump will sink their chances of getting the Senate and Congress, and their poisonous politics will slip out of the system entirely.

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  4. Ariel Lynn says:

    Interesting question. The fact is that most women aren’t voting for Trump, but that’s also b/c most women typically vote Democrat b/c the party speaks to their needs more often than not. I read an interesting article about this just yesterday: http://www.salon.com/2016/08/09/trying-to-make-america-male-again-women-control-the-ballot-box-and-angry-sexist-trump-voters-cant-deal/

    But, for the women who ARE planning on voting for Trump, I think there are at least a couple of factors at play. Some of them are one-issue voters (immigration, anti-choice/”pro-life,” small government) that leads them to choose Republican platforms, even if they don’t agree w/the candidate himself or all the issues at play. Some feel familial or community pressure to vote conservative. Some are so blinded by the patriarchy that they question or think his statements aren’t sexist (they’re wrong, but whatever). Some are voting out of fear – fear of immigration, fear of electing a female to a consistently “male only” office, fear of war/DAESH – & Trump speaks to those fears directly while simultaneously fanning them w/his bombastic rhetoric.

    Those are a few of my thoughts. Do you have any thoughts on why a woman might vote Trump?

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    • Hmm….those are all good points. And they make sense now that you mention them. Thank you! It’s just so strange to me. The things that he’s said about women (and Muslims, Latinos, people with disabilities, and immigrants) are just so terrible. No I can’t think of any reasons (the familial obligation and only agreeing with some but not all points makes sense though. Well it doesn’t make sense but I get it) He’s in my hometown and I caught the last 30 minutes online. He said nothing substantial…..

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      • Ariel Lynn says:

        I don’t get it (on a personal, deeply held belief level), but I understand their reasoning. I still think poorly of people who vote against their own self interests, though.

        Oh dear… I’m sorry that he has invaded your hometown. To be fair, he really NEVER says anything substantial – no policy plans, strategies, nothing really. His “handlers” have tried to keep him on point recently & we all saw how well that went w/his 2 seconds “off-message” directing “2nd Amendment people” to do “something” about Hillary Clinton or her Supreme Court judges.

        The fact is, he has nothing of substance to say. That’s what infuriates me. He makes outlandish claims & we’re supposed to consider them as policy? No thanks. What’s even worse for women is his aides have said that Trump plans to allow Pence deal w/all domestic & foreign matters… he intends to be a figurehead.

        I wonder if he knows that the POTUS can’t do any other business while in office. Not that his business is doing well at all.

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      • I just don’t understand. And people keep saying he’ll be a good president because “he’s a business man” But um… so business is supposed to be his area of expertise and he’s been bankrupt 4 times and borrowed money to start his campaign…

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      • Ariel Lynn says:

        People see that he has his name on a lot of buildings & that he appears well-known, rich, & like he has so very many businesses running that are very successful. They think, if he runs the country like a business, it will work better than the past Presidents who have run it… well… like a freakin’ country. A lot of people (we live in a sound-bite world, they won’t look into stuff deeper than article titles & memes) don’t realize that he essentially “leases” his name to other businesses. He doesn’t run these companies, but, for people who don’t look beyond the name, it looks like he does run them.

        OK, so I used to write web content for lawyers & law firms, & I’ve found most people don’t understand: 1) the different types of bankruptcy, & 2) what bankruptcy really means. I’ve had to explain this a few times (not saying you need it, by any stretch of the imagination!) & I’m lucky that I wrote a looooooot of bankruptcy law pages.

        Filing for bankruptcy doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s a bad businessman. There are a few different types of bankruptcy, but many successful businesses (OK, maybe not SUPER successful, but moderately successful) file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy relief. That basically means that the business wants to keep running, but they want to change how they pay their debts – either by extending the repayment term, reducing the debts owed, or otherwise reorganizing the structure of the company.

        What it does mean, to me, is that he has screwed over a LOT of people to whom he owed money in the past. In fact, he’s such a bad risk that, apparently, U.S. investors & banks won’t loan him money anymore. This explains his secret love affair w/Putin – he’s borrowed money from several Russian oligarchs, one of which may have been Putin’s own company, but there are a lot of shell-companies so it’s hard to tell.

        You didn’t need to know any of that; I was showing off how smarty-pants I am & I will take no offense if you ignore it completely. 😉

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      • lol well that was useful. Still, even if people don’t know what it means isn’t four a lot? And borrowing money from Russia, well that’s a whole different story

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      • Ariel Lynn says:

        Yeah, I’m a fountain of useless knowledge. LOL

        Absolutely 4x is a lot, but b/c he runs multiple companies, it might not be all under the same business. Who knows?

        Borrowing from Russia also shows how his business skills are so bad that American banks/investors see him as too big of a risk to lend him money. When a business files to reorganize, or a person otherwise files bankruptcy, there’s a good chance that the creditors are gonna get screwed & that they won’t get the money the loaned back. So, if Americans aren’t willing to extend Trump credit, what makes them think that his business skills are worth investing in?

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  5. Maybe it’s all about the money, money ,money…….. 😀 I can’t for the life of me think of any other valid reason either.

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  10. I absolutely agree with you! I don’t get it either! I know someone who’s a woman and is voting for Trump! She LOVES him! I…don’t…get….it! How can you vote for someone who’s racist, sexist, and all of these other things especially when you’re a minority yourself?

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  14. twoifbycharm says:

    Trump is clearly a sexist, racist, xenophobe, etc… and you ask a good question.

    I think there is an explanation for all of the bizarre dynamics of this election season. Consider this:

    In my opinion, Donald Trump is giving us all a great lesson on a high-functioning narcissistic sociopath (or at least a person with a severe Narcissistic Personality Disorder). There is predictable mayhem when one of these people is inserted into a group, organization or social structure. There will also be predictable chaos and wreckage in the wake.

    I have done research on this topic, and have had two psych doctors weigh in favorably on this position on the comments of my post. You can read it here. https://twoifbycharmwordpress.wordpress.com/ .

    Your comments would be welcomed.

    Thanks. B. Ashley


    • Hmm…I’m not sure I would call this a lesson. Letting someone like him so close to the White House isn’t a lesson, it’s a mistake. Not only because of the things that he’s said but because he has no experience.


      • twoifbycharm says:

        I agree with you that mistakes are being made. From my perspective, it is a lesson on what happens when you introduce a sociopath into a situation as volatile as our political climate. These people are well-equipped to acquire power and fool the vulnerable masses. I hope you will read the article and provide a comment on it.


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