Sexism at the Olympics

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With 2016 more than halfway over, you would hope that sexism and double standards in sports have been reduced to a minimum. Well, that’s just not the case.

Multiple times, male commentators have made comments about female athletes that have discredited the fact that they have achieved greatness so far in the Olympic games.

Take Katinka Hosszu for example. She simultaneously wins a gold medal  and breaks a world record and the cameras pan to her husband as a commentator says that he is the one responsible for her winning the medal. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that her husband is her coach and he certainly played a role here. But to say that he is “responsible” is to completely dismiss the fact that she is the one who trained hard, made it to the Olympics, swam the race, and won the medal. Not her husband. But of course if a woman wins a gold medal then a man must be responsible for it right? Certainly, she couldn’t have done it on her own. I mean, without him would she even know how to swim?

What about Corey Cogdell-Unrein? The Chicago Tribune posted and article featuring her and didn’t even use her name. Nope. They simply referred to her as “Wife of a Bears’ lineman” instead. Because that’s really all she is, just the wife of a professional football player. It’s not like she’s already a 3-time Olympian or anything awesome like that. She’s just somebody’s wife.

And let’s not forget that most people attribute the success of Serena Williams to the fact that she is “built like a man” because if she were built like a woman (despite the fact that she just so happens to be a woman) then she wouldn’t be so amazing at what she does. It’s even been said that Katie Ladecky is successful because she “swims like a man”

Perhaps commentators should take a crash crash course in sexism so that they can start to understand the fact that women are not defined by their husbands or relationships to men in general. More importantly that they deserve credit for their own accomplishments.


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20 Responses to Sexism at the Olympics

  1. Oh that poor gymnast who got attacked for a bad photo of her normal skin. The world is indeed infuriating. Well, the people in it are.


  2. Ariel Lynn says:

    I really lost my temper with someone on this topic recently. He claimed – while admitting that there is sexism in sports – these instances don’t count as sexism. He repeated that many times a coach is credited with an athlete’s performance & that the Chicago Tribune was trying to “localize” the story by attaching it to her husband’s career for a Chicago team.

    In my opinion, if an athlete wants to credit her coach with “being responsible” for her career – and breaking the world record, btw! – that’s her prerogative. It’s not up to the announcer to completely negate her participation by saying her coach & husband is the only reason she’s where she’s at career-wise.

    Not only did the article from the Chicago Tribune fail to mention her name in the headline, they spent more than 1/2 of the article talking about her husband’s career. It talked about HIS opinion on shooting, since he & his wife go shooting together. She’s nothing more than the WIFE of a great athlete – not an athlete in her own right. That’s what I took away from that article.

    I think what pissed me off the most was this man telling me what is & isn’t, what should & shouldn’t be considered, sexist. It made me question – however briefly – that maybe I was reading too much into it. Then, I got mad that he, a man who has no idea what it is like to be faced with sexism, could make me question my own personal experience & viewpoint.

    I chewed him out pretty bad. But I know he learned NOTHING from the encounter. :-/

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    • They could have easily localized that article by talking about her and what she accomplished and simply slipping a SENTENCE (no more because it shouldnt be about him) about the fact that her husband plays football. But the fact that it was her picture and the article was SUPPOSED to be about her shouldve been reason enough for someone in the journalism profession to know better than to do something that stupid. Did I not mention the breaking the record part? I remember writing it but that I might have been my facebook rant lol. Really? A man thinks he’s knows whats sexist? Cause he’s had that experience right? *severe eye roll*

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      • Ariel Lynn says:

        I agree completely. The headline for the article might have proved a little more wordy, but it should have included her d***ed name. To write off the most basic element of who she is & how she interacts with the world around her – her freakin’ name – is just such a slap in the face. But, to then put your foot that much further into your mouth (they must have been eating their ankles) as to give THAT MUCH SPACE to his career & his thoughts on HER profession was just too much.

        I think you might have missed mentioning the record-breaking. I’d have to double-check to be more than 60% sure (as I am now), but if you mentioned it, it still deserves mentioning again & again & again. She. Broke. A. World. Record.

        I know that you’re right & I know that he can’t possibly understand how it is to live & experience the world as a woman. It was the fact that he made me question myself that really pissed me off. It’s such a stereotypical situation – where a man tells a woman she’s “over-reacting,” “hysterical,” etc. – that the fact that I fell for it made me really upset. Obviously, I was upset with myself on that one, but I blame the catalyst too.

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      • Don’t be mad at yourself. I feel like we all get pulled into situations like that once in a while and we just have to remember the facts. I will make sure I add in the record breaking part.

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      • Ariel Lynn says:

        Thanks. I snapped back to reality pretty quickly. But being told how we should/shouldn’t perceive things that directly affect us is some straight up b.s.

        Wonderful!! She really kicked butt… ALL BY HERSELF. Maybe he helped a teeny tiny bit on her way to the Olympics, but she was in that pool 100% by herself.

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      • It is b.s. but this is the world we live in…
        She was awesome, she Ladecky are ridiculously talented and they deserve so much more coverage

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      • Ariel Lynn says:

        Uggh.. I know. That gets me onto another topic that grinds my gears – female athletes not given the same coverage, nor the same quality of coverage, as male athletes due to the fact that they’re “just female athletes & not as popular.” Or whatever the most recent b.s. spin is to limit women’s sports. Like the most recent U.S. women’s soccer team whooping butt all over the place, but being paid peanuts compared to their male counterparts who played terribly.

        I remember President Obama saying “Playing like a girl means kicking ass.” That was nice.

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      • Not to mention the fact that they don’t get paid as much even when the women’s team is better. I was reading something the other day that said the US Women’s Soccer will finally start getting paid more.
        Yes! I actually saw that clip again earlier today!

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      • Ariel Lynn says:

        I’m so happy to hear that they’re finally going to be getting SOMETHING for their fantastic abilities. They made like, less than $30,000 per year each (that’s a guesstimate, I don’t remember exactly what the article said almost a year later) while the men’s team was making over $1 million. Ri-dic-ulous.

        That clip is one of my favorite. I love how, despite being the ultimate statesmen, President Obama has moments where his humanity & personality show through. There was a press conference the other day where a reporter questioned whether that $400 million payment to Iran was for the release of American hostages &, even though Obama’s responses were measured, polite, firm, & thorough, you could see in his eyes & hear in his tone of voice that he really wanted to say “No, not at all – WTF is wrong w/you?!”

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      • omg I didn’t know the men’s team made that much and that the women we re getting SO LITTLE. omg that pisses me off so much. Their pay raise better be implemented immediately, that such a slap in the face. Their so talented and that’s all they get? (granted I hate how much athletes get paid compared to like teachers and stuff, but really????)
        ok *rant over* I love Obama. He’s such a good man. Can he just stay president until… i dont know forever?

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      • Ariel Lynn says:

        It’s possible I’m confusing the WNBA & NBA pay w/the soccer player’s salaries, but I’m pretty confident it’s the same in other female/male sports. People at the top claim the advertising dollars aren’t there & all that nonsense.

        I agree soooo much. Our pay priorities are way outta whack.

        I love Obama too. Unfortunately, I don’t think he could take another 4 years – he even commented in his DNC speech on how much he has aged in the past 8 years while his wife hasn’t aged a day. Plus, y’know, Constitution. He loves that document so darned much.

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      • Either way the discrepancies between pay are ridiculous. Its probably about the same for the WNBA too.
        He really has aged. And true, the Constitution :/

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      • Ariel Lynn says:

        Hey, if Alexander Hamilton & other Federalists had their way, we could have had Presidents for life. But, then again, it would have also ended up being a hereditary office & we would have had a LOOOOOOT more Bushes than Obamas.

        What are your thoughts on Michelle Obama 2020? 😉

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      • I would love if Michelle ran. Although I highly doubt that she’d wan to

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      • Ariel Lynn says:

        Yeah, I agree on both counts.

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