Misogyny, Misandry and the Reactionary Right

Coalition of the Brave

Those of you who follow this blog may have already read about MRAs (Men’s Rights Activists) who outwardly argue that feminism is out to destroy men and irrevocably hurt masculinity (blah blah blah). It’s actually far more about preserving dominance over women. MRAs and MGTOWs want to maintain the status quo.

Case in point, a site I stumbled upon complaining about misandry (the opposite of misogyny). Given the author’s attacks on ‘lefties’, I can only conclude they are of the reactionary right.

The first paragraph:

In response to “overwhelming levels of misogynistic abuse” from metrosexual, soft Beta herblings, misogyny will now be classified a hate crime in the decadent, declining, and increasingly deranged Anglo nation of England. Whistle or cat call at a woman in Nottinghamshire and you could end up in prison, convicted of a hate crime. That’s only one way an unsuspecting man could end up with…

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