Harry Potter Month: Day 18

Day 18: Least favorite book

From what I remember it was Order of the Phoenix. I’m rereading it now so I will let you know by the end of the week if that’s still true lol. If not, then it would probably be Chamber of Secrets. Rereading that one was a nightmare, I was so annoyed for most of it.

What about you? What’s your least favorite book?


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6 Responses to Harry Potter Month: Day 18

  1. carlalouise89 says:

    Again … I’d agree with you. I’d probably go Chamber of Secrets, because although I hated a lot of The Order of the Phoenix, I love background information, and there was SO much in that novel. Plus, Hermione was incredibly clever, and I felt her character developed enormously during the fifth novel. Whereas, with The Chamber of Secrets, I felt like I didn’t get as much. I mean, you get a bit of Riddle’s background, and Hagrid’s, and you find out about horcruxes (although, you don’t, but Dumbledore does) but I hated it a lot more. I felt like the second novel was far more miserable and full of bad decision making by so many people – including Harry, Hermione and Ron, who could have gone to Dumbledore (especially after Hermione was petrified – I don’t understand why they didn’t).

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  2. Now thinking about it chamber of secrets wasn’t that great either. Oh my gosh now I am second guessing myself if I actually even like all the books. LOL. No jokes I like most of them, just some parts of each book can annoy me.


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