Harry Potter Month: Day 15

Day 15: Pick three characters to be your best friends at Hogwarts

Hermione Granger (when she stops being a goody two shoes), Fred Weasley (cause he’s my favorite twin) and I think I would have liked Parvati Patil if she wasn’t friends with Lavender. So yeah, those are my three.

Who would you choose?


Update: I change my mind about Parvati. She’s a bitch


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Hi! I'm Rae. 24. Avid Reader. Book Blogger. Intersectional Feminist. Gryffinclaw. Coffee & Tea Lover.
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3 Responses to Harry Potter Month: Day 15

  1. Hermione because Hermione. :/ Remus Lupin, i think he’s a really warm person. And Ofc Fred and George. I really can’t choose XD

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  2. Hmm… Friends at Hogwarts. I like the idea of Luna, but I’d had to pick some people from Slytherin house because some days I’m just not a nice person. :p Though, being friends with Seamus would be cool. He has a knack for pyrotechnics. Haha! And possibly Draco so I could teach him how to not be such a Daddy’s Boy. :p


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