Harry Potter Month: Day 14

Day 14: Team Voldemort or Team Harry?

Is anybody really Team  Voldemort? I mean, you’d have to be pretty heartless if you are lol. Obviously, I’m Team Harry as I have no interest in being a Dark wizard and don’t want to kill people “for fun.”


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Hi! I'm Rae. 24. Avid Reader. Book Blogger. Intersectional Feminist. Gryffinclaw. Coffee & Tea Lover.
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3 Responses to Harry Potter Month: Day 14

  1. I’m not sure it’s a matter of killing people ‘for fun’ as much as it is for a purpose which good-hearted people simply don’t understand. After all, the only difference between good and evil is that those whom are considered ‘evil’ are willing to do whatever it takes to get what they want. Even if that means taking another’s life. That being said, I know I’m good hearted and would have to pick Team Harry even if it is fun to be bad once in a while. :p


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