Harry Potter Month: Day 10

Day 10: Horcruxes or Hallows?

This is an interesting question…..Hallows. I think they’re more interesting and more useful in my opinion. I would never go through the trouble of creating horcruxes and even finding and destroying them is a burden (and dangerous).

What do you think?


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6 Responses to Harry Potter Month: Day 10

  1. carlalouise89 says:

    I agree – not to mention that creating a horcrux means destroying your soul, and murdering someone else to do so. Plus, you end up in a forever limbo, looking the way Voldemort did at the end of the film, always in pain, never moving on. I’d definitely pick Hallows, for any reason.

    I guess unless I had to defeat Voldemort …

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  2. I would say hallows also. I honestly don’t like the idea of splitting my soul even in one piece let alone seven like Voldemort did. Plus who wouldn’t want a invisible cloak? Like all the things you could do with an invisible cloak. Thanks for doing a Harry Potter one. Got to love Harry Potter!

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  3. LorevaRaven says:

    Yes I totally agree with you! Though having a chance to live even though your body has been killed is pretty cool…

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  4. I actually pick horcruxes because the hallows are too astronomically powerful and therefore constantly sought after. It might be a lot of effort to make a horcrux, but it would be ten times as much effort to constantly be watching out for yourself from people who want to kill and steal your hallows.

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