Book + Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling



All Harry Potter wants is to get away from the Dursleys and go back to Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. But just as he’s packing his bags, Harry receives a warning from a strange, impish creature named Dobby – who says that if Harry Potter returns to Hogwarts, disaster will strike.

And strike it does. For in Harry’s second year at Hogwarts, fresh torments and horrors arise, including an outrageously stuck-up new professor, Gilderoy Lockheart, a spirit named Moaning Myrtle who haunts the girls’ bathroom, and the unwanted attentions of Ron Weasley’s younger sister, Ginny.

But each of these seem minor annoyances when the real trouble begins, and someone–or something–starts turning Hogwarts students to stone. Could it be Draco Malfoy, a more poisonous rival than ever? Could it possibly be Hagrid, whose mysterious past is finally told? Or could it be the one everyone at Hogwarts most suspects… Harry Potter himself


Book Review:

So this is definitely not one of my favorites in the series. The story itself is still great but there are too many annoying characters. Characters really make or break stories for me so this one was rough.

For example, Percy Weasley. There’s nothing wrong with being an overachiever and a perfectionist. But there is a problem with throwing it in people’s faces and thinking that you’re better than everyone else. Goodness, the amount of times he says “prefect” is unbearable.

Then there’s Moaning Myrtle. I’ve said this before, I find her extremely annoying. I get it, she was killed at school, a place that she should’ve been safe and very young (I’ve also said this before) but she takes it out on everyone else.

And the person I hate the most in the book is………. Gilderoy Lockhart. Oh my goodness this guy is a complete dick. He’s full of shit but still has the nerve to think that he’s better and smarter than everyone else. I can’t handle it, he’s too obnoxious. And I hate that everyone is so caught up in his bullshit even Hermione of all people. I get it, but it’s really annoying when strong female characters are thrown off by idiots like that, it happens way too often in novels and on TV.

I also thought Colin was a little annoying. Like if I were Harry I would’ve been really annoyed but I’m just the kind of person that doesn’t like clingy people.

But anyway, now for the important stuff.

I did enjoy the plot though and the whole Heir of Slytherin thing. I also like that we go a bit more history on Hogwarts and the Founders in this one. And more information on Voldemort and how he came to be the way he is.

There’s still a good amount of foreshadowing which makes me glad to reread the series because the first time around I didn’t know all of the hidden clues in the first books.

I think it’s interesting that there’s a stigma around what it means to be Muggle born and the whole concept of pure blood and half blood. I guess I find it interesting in this fictional world because it can sometimes be a parallel to things that happen in real life.

I also like that we learn about Hagrid’s past and why he got expelled even though he didn’t deserve it. The Aragog thing freaked me out because I hate spiders but it’s very Hagrid to protect him and let him start a family.

Dobby. Oh how I wanted to strangle him in the beginning. I know that he was trying to protect Harry but he made me so angry. Of course it pays off in the end and Harry, being the understanding person that he is, repays him by freeing him from the Malfoys. So it was definitely a happy ending for Dobby.

Poor Ginny. I think her crush on Harry is a little weird because in the first one she was all “omg it’s the famous Harry Potter” and somehow that grew into her having feelings for him. I don’t know it just seems weird to me but that is my opinion.

I kind of don’t like how the Hufflepuffs assumed that Harry was attacking people despite the fact that the snake backed off of Justin when Harry spoke Parseltongue. I feel like instead of focusing on the fact that he can speak a language that you’re unfamiliar with, you should be grateful that he saved your life. Also, they all know that Hermione is Muggle born and one of his best friends. Common sense people.

But anyway, the story was good. Characters not so much and I was annoyed at some parts of it so 3.75 out of 5

Movie Review:

I did like this movie despite the annoying characters. So let’s start with mythical creatures!

Dobby is so cute and so ugly at the same time, I love it. I think they did a good job with him, he mostly resembles the illustration in the book. The spiders were accurate (I guess) I hate spiders so if I were Ron I would’ve cried when I saw Aragog. I think the fact that he talks would probably make me more scared. The basilisk didn’t look how I expected, but I don’t like snakes much either so it doesn’t really matter. And the mandrakes…they’re so ugly lol

I think they made the flying car trip to Hogwarts a bit over dramatic. I get it, it’s a movie but still.

I do like that they had McGonagall talk about the Chamber of Secrets though. I think that was a fitting change.

I don’t have too many complaints for the movie although I didn’t notice little things that would make me talk to my TV like, “that person doesn’t say that line in the book” or “that’s not the password to Dumbledore’s office”

I guessed I’d give the movie 4 out of 5 (Yup I rated I movie higher than the book. Not sorry)

I’ll be starting Prisoner of Azkaban today!!  🙂


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9 Responses to Book + Movie Review: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

  1. carlalouise89 says:

    I agree with you – it’s not my favourite, but for completely different reasons! (And I definitely prefer the novels, but I didn’t like the movies until the last one. I’m too obsessive – obviously – with the series. I had way too high expectations, and unless it was done LoTR well, I don’t think I’d ever be impressed.) I hated the beginning – the entire beginning. I hated how they flew the car. I hated how Dobby tried to get Harry expelled. I hate the idea that the wizarding world is so tough on the students – especially when you think about the fact that they’re eleven or twelve. I feel it’s way too tough. Consequences, yes, but seriously!? Especially without any kind of investigation? Like, no one bothers to ask Harry what happened or why? I mean, I could understand why he wouldn’t be believed, but the fact that a punishment is dolled out without any thought to why really bugs me. It doesn’t seem at all like justice to me.
    And the driving the car to school just seemed incredibly stupid to me. Like, so stupid. Lucky they’re in Gryffindor because they clearly have NO brains.

    But I agree – like with the first novel, there’s so many references. Dumbledore alludes to the fact that he knows Lily didn’t need to die, but never explains. In the second novel, Harry forgets to ask, but we learn of Voldemort’s history, and the horcruxes. It’s all so fascinating. I love it. And the mention of Azkaban – which alludes to the third novel, in itself. I like the rest of the novel, and the heir of Slytherin stuff.

    I also hate the romance between Ginny and Harry. Not as much as I hate Ron and Hermione together (obviously this is future stuff) but I so agree. I feel Ginny only really likes Harry because he’s Harry Potter, not because he’s Harry. Yes, he saves her at the end, but they don’t ever really have a proper conversation until the fifth novel, and even then, it’s not an extended conversation. It just makes me mad because I feel like she falls for who the legend is, and not who Harry is. (Although, I think she deals with him so much better in the later novels – I love when she starts to put him in his place. And I love that she eventually becomes a strong character – incredibly strong – but I feel the movies don’t show this as much.)

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  2. Idontwearahat. says:

    I don’t like that they cut Colin from much of the film. The sudden way Ginny is centre stage is weird too. Actually one of my favourite books though. Love Lockhart, though hated him in the film. I don’t think the casting was right.

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