More Violence isn’t the Answer






These men were killed by police officers. None of them deserved to die the way that they did. They were murdered, by people who take an oath to serve and protect. Sterling and Castile were black, Nunez and Villanueva were Latino, and Noble was white.

The first two had heavy news coverage because of #BlackLivesMatter, a movement that I very heavily support. But…just because I support that movement doesn’t mean that I would still think that other innocent people deserve to lose their lives. And surprisingly, even the people who oppose BLM with All Live Matter aren’t even talking about Dylan Noble (at least not that I have seen so far).

Supporting BLM doesn’t mean that I hate law enforcement. (For some that may be the case but that’s not how I feel). What happened in Dallas last night wasn’t the answer. I couldn’t find names of the police officers but now that’s 5 more deaths and 5 more families mourning a loss. While even more officers were injured.

Shooting and killing police officers simply because they’re police officers does nothing more than prove that you are just as bad as the officers that do kill black men just because they’re black.

This isn’t helping anyone. Taking more lives won’t make up for the ones that were already lost

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