Two men murdered two days in a row

Coalition of the Brave

Following from the excellent posts by Rae and Carla (I urge you to check them out), I wanted to add my own thoughts on the racial problems that continue to exist in the US, decades after the efforts of Dr Martin Luther King and so many other brave souls.

Sometimes the problem is subtle and insidious. It can found in the stereotyping of black people – the assumptions about their mannerisms, speech, style and behaviour. Sometimes it’s more overt – with the active denial of rights and displays of outright hatred. Regardless of how it happens, it’s wrong.

Nor is it a US problem, though the issue of how black people get treated in America has been making headline news once again, following yet another act of police recklessness. The death of Philando Castile follows from the shooting of Alton Sterling a couple of days ago, and both of…

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