Harry Potter Quiz (Coming Soon)!

Hey friends,

So while I’m reading and rediscovering how much I love this series, I’ve been taking note of some of the details that are left out of the movies and that are small but significant.

What I’m thinking of doing is put together a quiz when HP Month is over and see who remembers those details from when they read the series (I also know that a lot of people are rereading right now whether for HP Month, Potterhead or whatever else).

If this is something that you would be interested in let me know. I’ve already told my friends to be prepared for it. When I post it and you decide you want to post it on your own blog and answer the questions, feel free!



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7 Responses to Harry Potter Quiz (Coming Soon)!

  1. carlalouise89 says:

    Ha ha ha oh, I will ace this test 100%. Not even joking. I even have a Harry Potter trivial pursuit game, and I was so good that I won before the other person ever had a chance. I could help with the questions, which I’d be damn good at – like, for example, in the fifth Harry Potter novel after Harry’s ‘expelled’, and the Dursleys are discussing what to do with Harry, Petunia states that she knows what Dementers are, because she overheard her sister talking to that ‘awful boy’.
    Harry assumes it’s his father, and yells, ‘If you’re talking about my mum and dad, at least use their names!’
    However, in the seventh novel, when you’re reading Snape’s memories, that awful boy wasn’t Harry’s father. It was Snape. But I kind of want to participate in the quiz, but I’d be good at making questions!

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  2. Ah! I love this idea! I think it would be lots of fun! Speaking of HP quizzes, I’m actually going to a Harry Potter trivia night in two weeks! I’ve been trying to brush up on all of my facts in preparation for that. So maybe I’ll be ready for your quiz even without re-reading the books. ^.^ We’ll see. Haha!

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