Harry Potter Month: Day 3

Day 3: Is there anything in the film adaptations that annoy you?

To be totally honest I think that they did a pretty good job overall. However, as with any movie adaptation, little details are left sometimes that can make a difference, but I understand that for times sake it has to happen.


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7 Responses to Harry Potter Month: Day 3

  1. carlalouise89 says:

    Pretty much all of them, to be honest! With the exception of the last couple, I felt like the novels weren’t done justice. I think this was mainly because they left out important details (at least, in my mind). I know there’s certain things that can’t be done on camera, but I was, for the most part, incredibly disappointed. I felt that they made unnecessary changes when it wasn’t necessary (like in the Goblet of Fire, where the dragon chases Harry). I felt like it didn’t need the extra action, and it took away from how awesome Harry was in regards to catching the dragon egg so quickly and easily. I know that’s small stuff, but I’m so heavily critical. I almost never prefer the film to the novel. When I do, I’m surprised. I think this was worse because I’m so obsessed with Harry Potter.

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    • I agree that they left out important details but also there is no good way to capture J.K. Rowlings’ brilliance. That woman is a work of art. Yeah Iguess they wanted the movies to about the action. I think I’ve accepted the fact that movies will NEVER live up to expectation though :/

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  2. Josh Wrenn says:

    I felt the movies did a disservice to the character or Luna Lovegood. I think she is much more developed in the books.

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  3. Anything in the film adaptations that annoy me? Hmm… the fact that they had to change Dumbledores… That was so sad and so horrible. No one is better than Dumbledore #1. *sigh*

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