Turning Anger into Fuel

41 people dead and no one cares. This is absolutely absurd

Coalition of the Brave

Awaking to the news that last night’s terrorist attacks in Turkey had proven fatal, I awaited the usual stream of reactionist posts to fill up my Facebook and Twitter feeds. You probably know the ones I mean. ‘Muslims are all evil! Bomb the crap out of them!’ Yadda yadda yadda. Instead, there was virtually no mention of what had happened. The attacks in Paris and Brussels prompted huge outcries on social media; where were they for Turkey?

It dawned on me that we (as western civilisation) don’t tend to care about suffering unless it affects us. If it happens in parts of the world that are far away or with different cultural values, we ignore it. It takes attacks by the likes of IS happening on our doorstep to galvanise us into action. We care only when our own are hurt.

As it stands 41 people are dead. Murdered by…

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