This morning I woke up and found that #HeterosexualPrideDay was the number one trending hashtag on Twitter….I just checked and it still is. At this point it’s people talking about how ridiculous it is but when I first saw it this morning I was livid. As a straight person and an ally, I’m disappointed that someone was dumb enough to start this hashtag in the first place and during Pride Month.

Why is this an issue? Well because as members of the majority we need to learn how to check our privilege. We don’t need a Heterosexual Pride Day because that’s literally every day out side of Pride Month. That’s like asking “Why isn’t there a white history month” despite the fact that we are taught European history from kindergarten to 12th grade as a requirement and everything else (Africana Studies, Latin American Studies, Asian Studies, etc.) is only offered as electives in college.

As a straight person, have you ever had to hide your sexual orientation? Have you been told that you are wrong for loving who you love? Have you been threatened for being straight? No. You haven’t. So take a seat, shut up, and let the LGBTQIA+ community celebrate themselves. Stop trying to take away celebrations of minority communities because you all of a sudden feel “left out” despite the fact that that is a reality that minorities face every single day.

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12 Responses to #HeterosexualPrideDay

  1. I love this and you are so right! I think a reason that people started this hashtag is because of their prejudices in the first place. It’s like they can’t handle the fact that heterosexuals are celebrating their sexual orientations. The moment I saw this post title I became angry and annoyed! I thought that it would be similar to if there was a ‘white pride parade’! That would be horrible and utterly racist! I think that some people just can’t let others be happy and celebrate themselves – some people just can’t let others be happy.

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    A great post by Rae at Bookmark Chronicles! Please check out her wonderful blog! Today’s also her one year blogiversary!

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  4. Ariel Lynn says:

    Agreed!! It’s infuriating!! I posted a video about this on a liberal FB pg I help admin, which was intended to be amusing, but I still seethed.

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