Being An Ally

This was one of my Rules to Remember post but I felt the need to elaborate on a few things. If you really want to be a good ally check your privilege and be inclusive of everyone.

Coalition of the Brave

I wrote this post earlier this month but I thought that it would be a good one to share here.

As I’ve mentioned multiple times before as a feminist, being an ally is incredibly important to me. So what does that actually mean and how did I get there? Well being an ally is supporting, listening to, and advocating for the awareness of issues of communities that you are not a part of. I don’t think that I had a defining moment where afterward I thought, “Yeah, I’m an ally.” It was kind of one of things that I probably always was and just didn’t know there was a name for it.

I think in a nutshell it’s safe to say that I’m an ally because…..well because it’s the right thing to do. People deserve to be comfortable as themselves and I don’t think that it’s fair to judge based…

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