Freedom of Choice

As someone who doesn’t want children this is really important.

Coalition of the Brave

This is a difficult post for me to write because it’s an issue which is incredibly devisive. It is however, a case of being true to my convictions – so here I go.

I am a father, and I am very proud and indeed, priveleged to be a father. It is not an opportunity afforded to everyone. I am grateful for my daughter and all the ways that she makes me smile and brings joy and love to my life.

What would my life be if my wife had decided she didn’t want the baby?

The idea never crossed her mind (we both wanted a baby and she would never personally consider an abortion), but what if it had? Would I, as the father, have any say in that decision? Should I have any say in that decision?

The first answer that springs to mind is ‘maybe’. After all, the…

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