This is the number one trending hashtag on Twitter right now. Women are sharing their experiences of being vulgarly catcalled, then threatened because they didn’t accept advances from men, and in some cases severely injured or murdered. This shit needs to stop. Women are not your property. We are people and we don’t owe you a damn thing. Our bodies are not means of payment and nothing about us is yours for the taking.

Maybe if you want a woman to go out with you, you should approach her with respect. Treat her like the human being that she is. If she says no, respect her answer. Don’t threaten her and call her a slut or a bitch, when you were damn near begging for her number just five seconds prior. If a woman does not accept your advances, you walk away and find another woman who might actually be interested in you. Rejection doesn’t give you the right to threaten or take someone’s life.

I shouldn’t even have to say any of these things but, here we are. Two days in a row some of the top hashtags have been about how women are constantly sexualized, put down, stalked, threatened, and killed for saying no. This is bullshit, make it stop.


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  1. carlalouise89 says:

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    I’m so sick of men saying things like, “Women are exaggerating.” Or, “I don’t see sexism, (or am not affected by it) so it’s not a factor for me.” Or, “I don’t have to listen to you. It’s just a story.” LISTEN TO ALL THESE WOMEN. We’re speaking up for a reason. Stop saying, “It won’t change my mind.” ALL THESE WOMEN ARE SPEAKING OUT FOR A REASON. Not listening is no longer an excuse.

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