Want to Write a Guest Post?

Hi all!

So I absolutely loved B.G.’s guest post and it was the first one that I’ve ever had so thank you again B.G.! (If you haven’t read it already, please do cause it’s so great).

If anyone is interested in writing a guest post on one of the previous This or That? discussions (or have suggestions for future challenges) feel free to leave a comment here or message me through Facebook or Twitter. And you’re welcome to write more than one if if you want.

These are all of the challenges that we’ve done so far:

  1. Gale vs Peeta (Hunger Games)
  2. Edward vs Jacob (Twilight)
  3. Hardcover vs Paperback
  4. Physical Books vs eBooks – This is what B.G. wrote about!
  5. Book Series vs Stand Alones
  6. Scheduled vs Spontaneous Reading
  7. Why we DNF (if you do at all)
  8. Reading inside or outside
  9. Favorite genre (Not really a This or That but it was a good discussion!)
  10. Favorite author vs favorite character (which one would you prefer to meet)
  11. HP books vs movies
  12. Owning a bookshop vs getting paid to read (you can’t choose both!)
  13. Reviews/recommendations vs instinct (how do you choose books to read)
  14. Physical bookstores vs online
  15. Hunger Games vs Divergent
  16. Dystopian/Utopian vs Modern Day
  17. TFIOS vs Paper Towns
  18. Writing in books (for or against)
  19. One book at a time vs multiple
  20. Best-selling author vs Reviewer
  21. Male vs Female Authors
  22. Book covers vs movie covers
  23. Bookmarks vs Dog-ear
  24. A copy of your favorite book that you’ve already read vs a book that you’ve never heard of before
  25. Libraries vs bookstores
  26. POV: 1st vs 3rd
  27. Audiobooks (yay or nay)
  28. Write a stand-alone turned movie vs series turned tv show
  29. Long vs short novels (more or less than 300 pages)
  30. Original fairy tales vs retellings
  31. Watch the movies first vs read the book first
  32. Never read your favorite book again vs burn the last three that you read
  33. Getting to choose the cast for a movie vs rewriting a book as if you were writing for the first time
  34. Love triangles vs OTP
  35. Reading in the morning, night, or midday
  36. Comic books/graphic novels (do you read them?)
  37. Historical fiction (yes or no)
  38. Skipping ahead (do you do it or consider it a crime?)
  39. 24 hours with a fictional character or in a fictional world (can’t have both)
  40. What do you do with books that you don’t like (keep or donate)
  41. Biographies and/or memoirs (do you read them?)
  42. Not liking the main character vs not liking the plot (which is worse?)

If you want to read the original posts and conclusions, use the search bar on my home page to type in “This or That?” with the corresponding numbers. If you have any questions let me know!



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9 Responses to Want to Write a Guest Post?

  1. Thanks for the shout out and again for posting my guest post! 🙂

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  2. darthtimon says:

    33 sounds interesting!

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  3. dbsgirl says:

    Ooh, they all sound interesting; I just don’t have the confidence to do a guest post! Thank you for asking though, and maybe one day…

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