This or That? #40

Hello! Welcome back, I hope you enjoyed having last week off!

In case anyone needs a reminder or is new to the Bookmark Chronicles, here are the rules: Every Monday I will post a This or That Challenge where we will choose between two characters or scenarios. On Friday we will see which scenario/character wins. Feel free to either comment your choice below or make your own post and link it back here! :)

By no means do you have to feel obligated to do every single challenge, but I would love to hear all of your opinions! If you can only really talk about one scenario then go for it. Also, if you have any suggestions please let me know!

Alright, here’s the scenario:

You buy a book that a friend recommended to you or that a lot of people have been talking about. You reach the end of it and you hate it. Totally unsatisfying and a waste of time. One, maybe two, stars out of five. What do you do with it?

Keep it


Donate/sell it

I refuse to keep books that I don’t like. I either donate them to a local library book sale or give them to friends that I think would enjoy them. I don’t care where it goes, I just don’t want it anymore. I can’t have bad books ruining the vibe of my bookshelf.

What about you? Would you keep it or give it up? Let me know!


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14 Responses to This or That? #40

  1. Donate/sell! Especially if it’s a book I didn’t like. Usually I have a hard time parting with books, but I’m in the middle of a move, so getting rid of books has become more of a necessity!

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  2. Kendra says:

    Donate/sell it!I completely agree with a bad book ruining the bookshelf vibes. A huge no-no for me! Besides, why would you want to stare at a book you didn’t like?

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  3. Becky Bee says:

    Donate/ sell.


    Unless it was so bad I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, I guess!

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  4. carlalouise89 says:

    I donate! I have a tendency to give books to refugees at the moment, but I also stop at charity shops and everything. Although, I don’t think a friend’s ever given/recommended me a book I don’t like. But I do have a friend who gives me books from a charity shop that they chuck out (he gives them to me instead of throwing them in the trash) and whatever I don’t like/don’t want/don’t need, I redonate 🙂

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  5. awayinneverland says:

    I keep all my books for the most part. I’ve given some away to my cousins kids but I dream of having a large library one day and I’m getting started on it now lol

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  6. bambiquim says:

    Don’t have time to do a post this week, but I would likely donate/sell. I would make sure to read it, if I can, but I try not to keep books of which I am not fond.

    I can imagine myself keeping a book I don’t like that was highly recommended as a conversation starter with others, however, particularly if I felt so had witty things about it to say. #vain

    Good post!

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