This or That? #39

Hello, Welcome back to This or That? I have a good question for you today so I hope you’re ready!

In case anyone needs a reminder or is new to the Bookmark Chronicles, here are the rules: Every Monday I will post a This or That Challenge where we will choose between two characters or scenarios. On Friday we will see which scenario/character wins. Feel free to either comment your choice below or make your own post and link it back here! :)

By no means do you have to feel obligated to do every single challenge, but I would love to hear all of your opinions! If you can only really talk about one scenario then go for it. Also, if you have any suggestions please let me know!

Would you rather…

Spend 24 hours in a fictional world


Spend 24 hours with a fictional character

No you cannot spend 24 hours with a fictional character IN a fictional world. If you choose fictional world, your favorite characters from that world will not be present (If you want to go to Hogwarts, your favorite HP characters won’t be there). If you choose fictional character, you will be in your own world.

I’ll be nice and say that if you choose fictional world, you can bring a friend (a real one).

I think I would go with fictional character. I would love to spend a day with Elizabeth Bennet or Hermione Granger. We would go to the Barnes & Noble in the city that has a Starbucks and then explore the city. It would be a great time.

What about you? Who would you choose or where would you go? Let me know!


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16 Responses to This or That? #39

  1. This is a super tough one! I think that meeting a character I have always admired or loved and then them getting taking away from me after 24 hours would be way more terrible than getting to see a place and then not visiting again. You could go explore and have fun, practically be a tourist , make some kind of day trip.
    So, while I do think that meeting a character would be cooler, the time after that would be filled with me missing them or in the unlikely event that maybe we wouldn’t even have gotten along, it would be filled with regret because I destroyed my mental image of that character. I end up choosing a place instead, to spear myself the heartbreak.

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  2. vrushali21 says:

    I’d go with character because I would only visit the place for 24 hours and at the same time I can enjoy with my favorite character in my city! I would be painful after they’ll leave but I can remember our meeting and live in peace!

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  3. carlalouise89 says:

    I think a fictional world. I would pick the setting of ‘Uglies/Pretties/Specials/Extras’. The reason for this is because I’m torn about our society. I see so much bad happening, and I know that ****SPOILER ALERT*******
    even if humans have a chip in their brain, that’s slavery … but their world is better. And it makes this case: when humans return to the wild, they have the chip (eventually) removed, society begins to regress. I’m conflicted, because there were no wars whilst the chips were in place, and whilst society was regulated. Everything was eco-friendly and they were vegetarians, not using animal byproducts. Everything was sustainable. Everyone was happy. Population was controlled, so poverty was never a problem.
    But at the same time, all of this was essentially achieved through slavery. Human free will, in a way, was taken away. I’d like to visit that world, and see what it was like. I’m always undecided about this debate: the society, in a way, before Tally destroys it, is kind of perfect. Flawed, but perfect. People aren’t murdered. Crimes aren’t really ever committed. Animals aren’t harmed. People are happy.
    But is it happiness if you’re programmed that way? Or is humanity destined to destroy ourselves? I feel like being in that world would help me decide how I feel. I’m always fifty/fifty about it. I see both sides, both the positives and the negatives, and I don’t know what to decide. Lame, I know, but the more I see how much hatred that happens in our world (here’s look at you Drumpf), I sometimes wonder if that’s maybe the way to go (to be fair, the chip implants started because humanity almost wiped itself out during a war, in case you’re wondering).

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    • hahah wait! I just started reading Uglies last night so I skipped over your spoiler lol

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      • carlalouise89 says:

        Ha ha ha that’s okay! If it helps, it only really spoils book one. There’s a small book two spoiler, but it’s not really, because book one tells you what the plan is (if that makes sense). But I thought you deserved the big spoiler alert just in case!


  4. Wow, that’s tough! Hmmmm….I say Fictional World!

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  5. Kendra says:

    Hmm. I would have to say spending 24 hours with a fictional character. I think that would be pretty cool, considering most of the books I read are more geared toward real-life settings, like small towns or big cities. Instead of something like Hogwarts, or Divergent / Hunger Games. As much as I love small towns, I would rather spend time here (or traveling to a favorite city). 😀 This was a tough question this week.

    * Side note — On the other hand, if we’re talking about TV shows and not books, it’s a totally different story! I would love to spend 24 hours in Stars Hollow. Especially around one of the holidays, and drink coffee from Luke’s Diner. Even though I’m not a big coffee person. Hahaha.

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  6. In a fictional world! I’ve always been someone who love exploring and I definitely suffer from wanderlust. The idea of exploring a totally different world would be the best!! Chilling with a fictional character would be cool too, but I gotta go with option A. It would be weird to not have it peopled by the characters of that world, but if I could take my best friend to explore Hogwarts, that would be the ultimate!

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  8. Jen says:

    I really love the topic this week. It was really tough but fun! 🙂

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