Jo Talks Books: On Feminism in YA Fiction

We need more of this in the world. One of my biggest pet peeves is weak female characters or when a strong female character is completely destroyed by a male love interest.


Hi everyone! As I said in my last discussion post, my first discussion of this month is going to talk about feminism in YA fiction. In fact, the entire theme of this month’s discussion posts is going to be based around gender and gender related issues. I’m not sure if I’ve ever outright said it on the blog before, but I hope it’s pretty clear through what I’ve said in posts, that I am a feminist. I’m not scared of the word and I don’t feel that it’s a word that has negative connotations. As a young woman, gender equality matters to me. I want to be seen as an equal to men in every area of my life and so naturally, I identify as a feminist because that’s what feminism is, a movement fighting for the equality of the sexes. It’s that simple. Being a feminist, naturally, I like…

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