Rae’s Rules to Remember #17: Is it Really a Review?

Another quick post…

So I have this pet peeve. And some of you might be guilty of this, but that’s fine. I’ll give my opinion anyhow and I’m sure others will give theirs.

To be quite honest, a person’s opinion of a book that they’ve never read…is pointless to me.  Just because they’ve read a review of a book does not mean that that review is the ultimate opinion. And frankly, I don’t believe that anyone can form a valid opinion unless they actually read a book from cover to cover. In this way, books are like people. Never make assumptions based solely on what you’ve heard, because unless it comes straight from the horse’s mouth (or from the pages) you will never know what’s on the inside.

Can you give your opinion on a book that you haven’t read? Yes, but that doesn’t make it a review. You can talk about why you DNF’d and why you’ll never finish. You can talk about why you’ll never even pick it up to begin with but…. it still isn’t a review.


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5 Responses to Rae’s Rules to Remember #17: Is it Really a Review?

  1. Absolutely. You CAN NOT judge a book you haven’t read. I didn’t even know this was a thing but that mostly because I hate reading reviews lol. But I damn sure wouldn’t read one written by someone who never read the book. Sorry, this isn’t meant to offend but I just don’t even see the point in it?

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  2. Yes! I have quite a few books that I have on my DNF list. I’ve never given them a review though I may have mentioned them in a weekly meme/tag once or twice. The other thing that really bothers me is when there are book reviews on Goodreads that are for books that haven’t been released yet and people aren’t reviewing the ARC. They are just giving a book a good rating because they like the author. Goodreads shouldn’t allow a book that hasn’t been released yet to be given ratings. Midnight Star by Marie Lu won’t be released until October and it already has a rating of 4.38 Stars.

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